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eye problems
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RE: eye problems
(01-27-2015 09:09 PM)TyroneShoes Wrote:  OK, I know what it feels like to get a leak that shoots air at your eye. There was even a scary thread here the other day that indicated "scraping" was in order for someone who had a severe eye leak issue (shudder).

I think that the severe eye leak referenced was actually leakage from the lacrimal duct not from the mask. I am not sure that mask leaks can cause the eye to dry out since the lids are closed unless one sleeps with one's eyes open of course I could be wrong. [/quote]

(01-27-2015 09:09 PM)TyroneShoes Wrote:  It seems to happen to me, only rarely. But I think I always catch that and deal; but then maybe not, maybe I am too far under to catch it on occasion:

Three times since I have been on xPAP I wake up with one eye blurry, and it seems to be some cloudy protoplasm that generated overnight and is sitting on my eyeball, possibly in response to irritation FROM A MASK LEAK. Not fun.

Has anyone experienced this? Do we think mask leaks are the culprit here?

My experience with mask leaks directed at my eyes is that it wakes me up.

One thing that I found for eye irritation that works well for me is what an optometrist told me. The lubricant for the eyes is fed through tiny ducts in the upper eyelid. These ducts can get plugged due to minor infections or other things and the eye gets irritated since it is not well enough lubricated. The optometrist recommended using hot packs (warm) on the eyelids. I just use a wash cloth warmed in warm water. Follow this with a wash down of the eyelids with an antibacterial soap and a good rinsing. This has worked better for me than eye drops although I do use eye drops if I need a quick, temporary fix.

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01-28-2015 01:12 PM
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RE: eye problems
For those having trouble with air coming from their eye ducts due to pressure you might look into the Fitlife mask. The pressure is spread equally over you face and eyes though you dont feel the sensation it is. Only the flow into your nose or mouth when you breath.

With the same pressure being exerted on your face and eyes externally that is being applied to your sinus internally it effectively stops the air leaking from the tear ducts problem and there is no air blowing into the eyes as there is no air movement across your face.

Unless you blow a leak which the Fitlife WILL let you know about with a goodly sound effect. But it can withstand high pressures and seldom leaks.
Big mask to look at but it does away with sore noses, irritated eyes, dry eyes, etc etc. Actually a very comfortable mask that can address alot of different problems successfully for those that have them.
01-29-2015 02:36 AM
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