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first stats thursday nite
attached 2 files, still learning the software

I usually sleep 4-5 hrs awake and have trouble getting back to sleep

still learning like everybody else. Please refrain from critical comments

resmed autoset h5i s9 series
positive airway pressure device
with humidifier
Elite model
FULL mask
pressure set at 15
scored 40 ahi test in hospital
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Thank you for posting some data, but it's a bit hard to make out the graphs that are blacked out. This is the second time I've seen graphs blacked out like that. (another member)
Don't know why that is.

Your AHI was best when you were using a lower pressure of 13.8cm. Something is causing you discomfort as you are not sleeping much more than 4 hours. It could be the higher pressure.
You could put your pressure back down and see if that helps.

With Clear Airways running between 3 and 4, I would also adjust the EPR setting. You are set at 3cm pressure relief, I recommend turning it down to 1.

Make one change at a time and watch for a week to 10 days. If you change two settings at once, you wont really know which one was effective.

Oh, and no one is being critical. If you had posted data sooner, we may have been able to make better suggestions to help.

We also suggest that you stick to one thread. Opening new threads isn't necessary, and it makes it harder to follow your progress.

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I will stick to one thread as you requested. I will try your suggested adjustments one at a time.

The leak rate was so bad it was clear that i had to fix that (with fullmask) and
then start to make adjustments before even looking at stats.

I was surprised the software was pretty easy use. Got the cardreader adapter sunday.

I have talked to a number of people who have had good success with the machine and do not know even what a leak rate is.

I teach stock market technical analysis and i NEVER ever criticize students.
I will point out what they should work on only. Failure is a key part of

If i knew what i know now i would have purchased a machine online and
used it till if got insurance. Florida governor took away my insurance for an
entire year. Then i learned you must hand deliver medical docs in Florida
that killed 5 months. Even after a night of waterboarding i did not give up.
90% of the people would have given up i did not.
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With the CAs up (but still under 5 so you're fine), you need to make changes slower than most. You'll need to make a change and not only see how the OA events do, but give the CA events a chance to settle down. How long have you been at 15?

And yes, lower the EPR for a few nights and see if that lowers the CAs any. No need to post the data every day. Just let us know if they go down.

If you ever get the chance, you may benefit from an autoPAP. Those of us with pressure-induced CA events seem to do better with autoPAPs (APAP) than with straight CPAP.

At any rate, let us know how long you have been at 15.
Apnea Board Moderator

Breathe deeply and count to zen.


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Sleepyhead says that he has been at 15 since October 2.
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From what I can see of your flow rate graph, it looks lioke you slept straight through most of the night. I do the same thing quite often and I consider myself as getting a good night's sleep. Often I wake up in the morning before I want to get up but feeling very awake and well rested. I do not get back to sleep but just lie there and rest for maybe an hour.

I do have times where I am more tired than normal when I go to bed, where I sleep the whole night through without waking up.

I think that you may be concerned about something about which you really do not need to be concerned.

Best Regards,

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You maybe spot on. I will look at lowered pressure stats after 1 week. My guess is nothing much changes. I just may have to learn how to go back to sleep after sleeping 4 hours. I am working on my mediating to return to sleep.

I can not return to sleep with the mask after 4 hours of sleep. I can often
get back to sleep in a couple of hours with no mask.

I run out of gas at 1pm and need to take a hard afternoon nap at some point. I work from 9am-4pm and often can not get thru the day . So it is affecting work. I am not discouraged though.

thanks for your thoughts. I tell young stock traders if you make a bad
stock trade it is because there is something you have not learned yet. So do not berate yourself.

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Machine doing its job working on getting back to sleep after 4 hours
Kava Kava helped me. Used these current settings for 9 days
As poster suggested this might be as good as i gets
please check out stats

attached 4 files from last nite

resmed autoset h5i s9 series
EPR level setting 1 (from 3 to 1)
positive airway pressure device
with humidifier
Elite model
FULL mask
pressure set at 13.8
scored 40 ahi test in hospital

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If you are having a lot of issues with leaks, you might consider getting a mask liner. There's a lot of different ones out there, but you could do a search of the board to find recommendations.

Just an observation - you are getting far more CAs than typically reasonable with a cpap. I wonder if you might need a different type of machine?
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thanks for your post

I am still learning to look at the stats

I do not even know what CA refers to. What are normal stats
and what should i look at. Please do not abbreviate.

I thought the full mask had taken care of the leaks since it shows 0
leaks on the stats. I also thought AHI 3-7 was ok.

I do feel better (could be psychological). I wake up after 5 hours now
but i am a hyper person, lite sleeper, aches and leg pains. These are issues
the machine does not show. Working on getting back to sleep.

What other machine do you suggest. I will research all the info the board
talks about print it out and see my doctor. I have to go to the doctor
with ammo. Humana will have to authorize it and probably retest me.
To get this far i have been very vigilant i will continue to lose weight
and improve my health.

PS here is message from sleephead about 10/17 stats
The last time you used your ResMed Elite...
was yesterday (on Monday, October 17, 2016)
You had an AHI of 4.94, which is considered technically "treated"
You machine was on for 6 hours, 53 minutes and 10 seconds.
You had no major mask leaks (maximum was 13.20 L/min).
Your CPAP machine blasted you with a constant 13.8cmH2O of air

thanks again
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