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full face mask leak
Okay. So I'm frustrated because the professionals who provided me with my equipment really don't have much information on how to prevent leaks. Seems like an oversight. So I'm here. 

I've tried the f10, now I have the f&p simplus. Oh but wait they now have the f20 I can try as well.

I sleep on my sides. I do not stay in one position throughout the night, never have. Sure there is the wedge pillow designed with CPAP users in mind. I guarantee that pillow isn't foolproof or in this case sleep-proof. There are also eye shield s that supposedly work with the masks, oh, and even liners. Sounds like a gimmicky racket.

I have figured out how to get a better seal, by wearing the mask higher on my face. The silicone basically lightly rests on the very edges of my inner eye. Though once I reposition for sleep, the leaking begins. I don't know how anyone can truly sleep through the night and their mask remain sealed. I'm skeptical about that.

When I brought up the fact I've been wearing my mask higher. To inquire about how much the lower mask should be resting beneath my mouth. Lead us to whether my mouth was open or closed, and if it even mattered. My own conclusion is I might not breathe through my mouth the entire night, but when I do, the full mask has me covered.

The fact is. Out of all the nights I've tried to use the mask, I've had zero success. Even if I fall asleep. I find myself ripping the mask off no more than two hours later. The provider truly have very little to say about this issue. What do you guys think? I really don't want to go the surgery route.

good day and have a goodnight
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I feel your pain.  I have been using the Quattro FX for three years now.  But it has been leaving pressure marks on my face that are really bad.  I am sure this is compounded by the fact that I am a side sleeper.  I decided to try some other masks in hopes I would have better results.  
I first tried the Amara View.  It was very comfortable especially for side sleeping.  But it left my eyes very puffy and gave me sinus pressure and headaches after wearing it.  I then tried the Simplus which was also great for side sleeping.  But I hated the forehead bar and could never get it to seal well.  I just recently tried the F20.  Love the magnets on this mask and how easy it is to get the cushion in and out.  I found the upper straps on this mask to be very short.  Much shorter than other masks.  For me this mask did not work as it put tremendous pressure on my nose no matter how loose I adjusted the headgear.  
So I am back to my old faithful Quattro FX as it does the best job of not leaking for me.  I always wash my face before bedtime and use one of the RemZzz liners which I believe makes a difference in the mask sealing well.  I hope you will find something that works for you.  It is a challenging process to say the least.
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Read the Mask Primer, there is a lot of info in there about mask selection and leaks.

Why are you using a FFM (Ful Face Mask)?
The BEST masks for leaks are the smaller ones, less area to leak. Many of us use the P10 Pillows which when properly fitted do not leak. Air out the mouth for us mouth breathers but there are otherways to manage that.

Mask Primer, see my signature.
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Hi shleepapnea101,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
I use the Fisher & Paykel (F&P) Simplus, but for me, it works better worn lower instead of higher, but everyone is different.
Hang in there for more suggestions and I wish you good luck with your CPAP therapy. The mask is the most challenging part of this whole thing.
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I have the Simplus and had some of the same problems that you seem to be having. I could adjust to get the simplus to no leaks. Then as i slept<\, I I kept getting awakened by leaks into my eyes, which I would adjust out and start the cycle all over. What I found was that I could minimize those problems by ensuring that I got the cushions well inflated. To do that I would don the mask, turn on the machine, make any adjustments necessary and then pull the whole mask slightly away from my face to allow the seals to inflate completely and then allow it to rest back on my face.

I actually have less leakage with the F20 that with the Simplus and the least leakage with my Resmed Mirage Quattro. With this mask and my Resmed machine I am able to achieve nightly leak statistics as follows: Min. Leak=0, median leak=0, 95% leak=0, max. leak=0 liters/minute. I would recommend reading the leak reduction portions of the Mask Primer at: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer.

If you still have problems, let us know.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
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Same same same

sleep study, tried the F10, leaks. finished with the Simplus
get my equipment, Simplus is in my RX so I now have 2 Simplus masks
could NOT get the LL under control with either F10 or Simplus masks.
tried the pad a cheek for the Simplus forehead brace, helped tremendously with comfort but still had red marks

finally bought the Brevida nasal pillow and a chinstrap out-of-pocket (30 day refund/exchange).
increased humidifier setting to eliminate dry nasal passage
Large Leaks are from open mouth, not masks. those leaks usually wake me up enough to close my mouth.
AHI runs from low 1 to mid 3
I was a side/stomach sleeper, now a side/back sleeper
thought I was a mouth breather, but it is a unnatural way of breathing so don't let that stop you from trying a nasal type mask.
and I run pretty high pressure

I also have a deviated septum, no problem with the pillows
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I use the P10 pillows and they work really well for me. I tried a mask for one night and there was NO WAY it ever would have sealed. I've only been doing this for a couple of months, but there have been a lot of times when I wake up and am not even sure I have the P10s on because they are so non-intrusive. The only time I have leak problems now is if I manage to get snagged on the hose when I'm turning over.
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