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guyavraham30 - Therapy Thread
guyavraham30 - Therapy Thread
Been using Prisma Smart for a few weeks now, after diagnosed with 26 ahi per hour. 

For the last 10 days I feel like death when I wake up, a feeling that sticks for the entire day. 

Thing is the stats (sleepyhead) show I have zero ahi's and no leakage, and also, according to the stats, I have a fair amount of deep sleep.

2 options :
1. The stats are not being recorded correctly
2. I don't really suffer from OSA 

I sleep poorly for years now and always thought it all has to do with mental state and anxieties. 
Only after my new gf complained I was snoring loudly I agreed to go to a sleep lab. 

I don't even know what to do now. I'm helpless

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RE: Zero ahi but very poor sleep
To start with we need to see the OSCAR charts, the ones that are in my signature at the bottom of the post.

On your post it shows 14 days without Cpap use and that was 4 hours. You are not using the Cpap enough to get treatment.
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RE: Zero ahi but very poor sleep
My device doesn't work with OSCAR, only with sleepyhead. Why does it matter?
Regarding the 4 hours, it's an average of my total days with the device.

The last week I slept a few times 6-7 hours a night with the same stats. 

It's a shame you're not addressing any of my statements. 

Silver line - No AHI but very poor sleep.
Possible causes?
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RE: Zero ahi but very poor sleep
Without seeing the charts from OSCAR I would just be guessing. You can walk up to anyone one on the street and they can say why they think you are not sleeping well.

To much caffeine
Not keeping a set sleeping time
Room to hot
Room to cold
TV watching right before bed
To much light at night
To much alcohol
The list goes on and on. Looking at the charts we could find out what is going on
Apnea (80-100%) 10 seconds, Hypopnea (50-80%) 10 seconds, Flow Limits (0-50%) not timed  Cervical Collar - Dealing w DME - Chart Organizing
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RE: Zero ahi but very poor sleep
All right

Is there a way to use OSCAR with Prisma Smart SD card?
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RE: Zero ahi but very poor sleep
Actually, there's no reason you can't post SleeyHead charts, but the image you posted was from the official Prisma software. If your version of SleepyHead supports your Prisma machine, we should be able to use them to make some suggestions.

If you Prisma software can show charts similar to the Daily OSCAR charts that most people post, posting those would be very helpful. The monthly overview is less helpful.
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RE: Zero ahi but very poor sleep
One thing is that your usage time seems rather low. They recommend using CPAP for at least 4 hours but you should be using it during your entire sleeping time to receive maximum benefit. Are you using it less because they said to only use it for at least 4 hours or because it is waking you up after a certain amount of time? Also, the units of measurement are different than the US but I looked up that 1hpa is roughly 1cm h20. 5cm h20 is too low usually to treat mild/severe sleep apnea, and to get an AHI of 0 no less. I feel like I'm don't get enough air at that level. There's no way that your events are at 0 if you have this pressure if my conversion is correct given that your AHI was 26 beforehand. Perhaps the machine is underreporting them due to a leaks or some other factor. Try and post the sleepyhead data so others can tweak your pressure for optimal therapy. I'm sure that there will be something irregular in the data as basically no one has an AHI of 0 with straight CPAP
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RE: Zero ahi but very poor sleep
I just realized that an issue on ResMed devices is that CPAP mode underreports events/doesn't report them at all in CPAP mode. I read that the prisma smart is an AutoCPAP. Perhaps the same issue is present here. Try using it with that functionality. Do you know how to change the mode of the machine?
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What do you do after a bad night?
In case you wake up feeling groggy and wants to die because you know you're going to feel like that for the rest of the day...

What are your ways to cope? To not feel as if the entire day is ruined? Especially if you you have plans for that day. 

For me nothing helps. Not coffee, not a shower, not an energy drink, gournisht
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RE: What do you do after a bad night?
I've posted a link here to your prior thread.  

You never responded to the request to post a chart from SleepyHead, as you stated the Prisma works with SH.  

Your two threads on the same subject have been merged.

Post a chart here so someone can take a look and help.  Otherwise, we have no idea what is going on with you.
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