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hdm z1 fw mishap
Long story... I'm not sure if anyone here can help, but I did want to post this to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else and to see if anyone has any suggestions.

I also have an open ticket with HDM. Let's see how that goes.

I just received my machine yesterday and decided to check for a firmware update. I found one - I was not sure if it was newer than what was on my machine, but I proceeded. My thought was it would warn me if i had a newer version or i could always get the latest. Anyway, I overwrote a newer version - The only reason I know this is because i videoed the machine booting for some weird reason and very quickly figured out that the first number is the FW revision. I'm not sure how to get this revision and the 1st response from HDM was not all that helpful. Very generic response.

By the way, the machine seems to have lost the ability to ramp or at least pressing and holding down the up button no longer works.

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When I had my Z1 that I bought in 2013 I did the software update that enabled the Z-Breathe 3 setting. It was a straight forward update, I would think that you can just go ahead and follow the instructions from HDM's web site to update to the latest software version to - it should work just fine, just as if you had a machine with the older version that you were updating.

I am assuming you are talking about the original Z1 cpap version and not the newer Auto version.......the firmware update is only for the Z1 cpap version.
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Thanks under pressure and sorry I was not clear in my original post. Let me try to clear up. I do have CPAP version.

I did update the "latest" FW that was on HDM''s website and it was easy, but it was actually older than what they are using in production, so now I have less features (ramp doesn't work now). I can still adjust Z-breathe. I received a second very generic reply from HDM this morning telling me to "go to the FW update website and follow the directions." Yikes, I think I have a de-featured $1000 (I have battery as well) device now. I'm going to try and return it.

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Yeah, I think there is something wrong there.......even the very first software/Firmware version did not limit any functions like ramp, about the only noticeable feature difference was the addition of the third Z-Breathe setting......the first software version only had setting 1, and 2. The firmware upgrade included Z-Breathe setting number 3, but all other functions including ramp remained the same.

I think something may be messed up if you don't have ramp function anymore!
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Hi rek71226,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Z1, it's good that you have another machine.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you with your CPAP therapy.
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Thanks for the comments...

Quick update... I called HDM today and they were friendly/helpful and agreed that the ramp function should still be present. I've read other posts about not buying direct from HDM and I was told to work with the retailer that I bought it from and I will call tomorrow. He thinks they need to swap out the unit.

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Keep us posted

Hope you get it swapped out ok
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I was able to swap out with a new one today with the retailer that I bought it , all is good.
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I wish I had come to this forum earlier! I had the same problem with my Z1 when I got it 3 weeks ago; after I did the firmware update, I lost the ramp function completely. This was 1 week before I was leaving on vacation. I called the vendor (#14), who tried to walk me through a ramp reset to no avail. They said they had never heard of this problem before. They were very helpful and got a replacement to me in time for my trip.

I see that the manufacturer still has the same firmware version posted so it must not be a big problem for them, but it sure was for me.
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If HDM is making software updates available to end-users, they should provide the latest version or warn about possible loss of functionality by downloading and installing the firmware. This is a real shame that something as easy as putting a warning on their web site is not happening. On the other hand, I don't know of any other manufacturer that lest end-users apply firmware updates or do ANY service items.
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