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help-husband wants to buy used resmed S9 autoset
Amen Sleepster!!!!

I too did not like the idea of CPAP before I was diagnosed. Since I have gotten used to it, I would not go to sleep without that alien plastered to my face and hooked up to his little space ship.

Best Regards,


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who knew dreamland was in outer space??? Smile
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(05-16-2012, 07:56 PM)horriblesleeper Wrote: Thank you to all that replied to my original post. Just wanted to let you know that the deal was too good to be true........Sad The machine was an S9 elite, which my husband already has. He purchased it 2 weeks ago via Craigslist, thinking it was the S9 autoset. Unfortunately a costly error that he is beating himself about it. So, Zonk mentioned Supplier #2 had S9 autosets that were gently used for $625.00. My question is who is Supplier #2 or where can I find more information about them?

We are desperate; any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Resell it on Craigslist and any other like type forums in your area. I can't see where you live so I can't recommend any BUT even IF you don't get exactly what you paid for it, its better than losing everything.

That said, I am not of the belief as many are there that the ELITE is an inferior machine.
Unless one really likes that mixed pressure deal, I now realize I would have been equally happy with the Elite although i too bought the Autoset.
I use mine at straight 13 pressure and barely notice it.......therefore i don't personally feel the need for lowering the pressure or mixing it, however its properly phrased.

edit: Hmm maybe i came in too late and didn't read the whole thread........as i see the original OP is not who everyones posting to now
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(08-06-2014, 08:37 PM)ShelaghDB Wrote: That said, I am not of the belief as many are there that the ELITE is an inferior machine.

I don't think many people believe the S9 Elite is inferior. The S9 AutoSet is a better choice because it will do everything the Elite will do and also does Auto. If you can get the AutoSet without a lot of extra cost or effort, get it. If you decide you like fixed pressure better, you can change the settings and basically turn the AutoSet into an Elite.

Many of us really dislike the S9 Escape and Escape Auto.

Someone asked about phony CPAP machines. I don't think I've ever hear of any counterfeit CPAP machines. You will have some Craigslist sellers listing the wrong machine type.

Some DME's have been accused of switching models on their unsuspecting customers, but I haven't heard of any of them actually relabeling them. Some will dispense a different model than the doctor prescribed, or even write one model on the bill and deliver a different model. They're also bad about convincing customers to take a lesser CPAP machine and telling them that it's just as good. They'll also often provide a used CPAP and not tell the customer.
Get the free SleepyHead software here.
Useful links.
Click here for information on the main alternative to CPAP.
If it's midnight and a DME tells you it's dark outside, go and check it yourself.
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Quote:Many of us really dislike the S9 Escape and Escape Auto

Of course, I understand that and agree. I just find different forums seem to have a generalized feeling about a particular model such as AutoSet is the one here but the other common Sleep Apnea forum, I see most people using the Elite and pushing it for it seems t hat there are a lot of them there that don't like the setting that allows their pressure to range between 2 numbers and feel they are woken up when the lower pressure goes into effect.

In my case, I could have bought the Elite here in Toronto 100% brand new with everything, plus the climate control hose, plus the Nasal Wisp mask, all for only $420........and paid just $640 for the AutoSet plus the brand new Wisk mask, etc, etc, etc..but i have mentioned that before a few times.

I would then turn around and sell online, the wisp mask for $75-100 since i can't use them and whittle the cost down another, almost $100 but i bought the auto set which is fine......not complaining. Just know now i could do the elite next time and id likely be fine if i am still on the same settings at that time.

I have an ESCAPE here thats never been used. The S9 version. I had 2, both brand new but no mater what i tried, NO ONE wanted to buy the Escape except for one man and the offers I got were never more than for $200 but only one was really serious so i sold it to him as i didn't need 3 machines but since they sell for such a pittance, I will keep the other new one for back up purposes. Since i know my pressure number and I don't need that auto thing, I could conceivably use the ESCAPE if I had to set at the same settings for the most part, that i use on my auto set and I bet it would work just fine.
But of course I NEVER would have found the right number and settings had I not used a better machine so naturally the ESCAPE could not have done that for me at the time.
So as you see, it doesn't need to be fully wasted....

I sell electronics online. I know how many are fakes and I have to prove to many a customer when selling why mine CAN be proven as 100% legitimate.
Its a great fear people have buying online as there are so many things out there today being copied.

Knowing what i know, I believe it could be just a matter of time before there are fakes made and being sold online.

Hell the Chinese even copy airplane parts......imagine the day a plane goes down and they discover a part was completely inferior and broke easily due to a fake slipping by the check process?

I would NEVER buy Bose, Beats and other top earphones online today for most of the ads are fake headphones. You have to be a real expert at knowing what to look for in order to be sure its fake.
There are $2 million fake antique cars being sold to unsuspecting car buyers, mind you, predominantly in Argentina where they excel at this but the point being, IF there is enough money to be made coping an S9 Autoset but using inferior parts inside, it will likely be done at some point in time IF the need for these machines line become great enough.

I'd like to believe that there will be people, if such a time arrives that would morally refuse to be involved with anything fake that could kill someone but we also know there are many out there selling cancer cures to people weeks away from death and they haven't any guilt about doing so.

I am just saying that although i have not heard of this happening yet, it would not surprise me within a few years if copies do start to pop up online.
Selling online, you tend to see the worst in people on a daily basis as they all gravitate towards the Anonymity of the internet.

i truly hope at some point in the near future i am proven wrong
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