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help, way too many leaks last night
Okay, will do, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Taking DD back to college today. Thanks so much, tho --- I will get back here tomorrow and attempt to remember how to post those graphs here.
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busy few days ....
coming back to post a graph. The last two nights have been better, with an AHI of 6.something and then last night was 5.something. I'm posting the graphs for last night:
[Image: screenshot-20140904-105152_zps64c704cf.png]

to explain the break in the middle of the night, a rather big storm came through suddenly and woke me up. Lots of lightning, so I unplugged my machine. Fell asleep again but fortunately woke up to get it plugged back in and going again.
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This is a screenshot from last week, typical of what I was seeing last week, with a ton of leaks (my opinion --- just seems like way too much):

[Image: screenshot-20140904-110047_zpsd687319d.png]
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So, I have questions: my machine does not nec get bothered by the high amount of leaks I am seeing. Should I? And the AHI is still above 5 almost always; averaging around 6-8 this week.

I quit using the lanolin; I am sleeping in bed and not in the recliner, and I have adjusted the head straps so they tighten up the mask a bit. I feel like Miss Piggy. Truly, I think someday I'll be seeing a plastic surgeon to get this enlarging nose taken care of as a result of using the pillows.

I upped the lower pressure from 5 to 6 about 5 days ago. The dr had lowered the top number from 15 to 12. Is it time to change a pressure setting again?
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That looks pretty good Clem, nice job. Just keep doing what you're doing for a few more days and see how things progress. Once all is mastered, you may want to discuss increasing the pressure a very small amount. Say to a max of about 12.5. It looks like you're doing fine, but bumping against the roof consistently. A small increase might give you just enough headroom to drop the ahi further. But just watch things for a few days, then consider your options.
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okay, a few more days at 12 and 6 then, and I'll consider my options. I just need help with -- what are my options? Increase the top number and leave the bottom where it is? I guess I don't understand what the two pressure numbers should look like. Should there be a certain distance between them? (silly questions, I know) How do you know whether to change the top or the bottom number?

I don't see the sleep dr until Feb. I'm on my own with this, and that's fine -- I just need to understand better.

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I'd slide the whole scale when the time comes. I like a more tightly knit range between min and max. You're at 6 and 12, and from your results you know you hang out most of the time around 12. So I would think you might want to consider a range of say 8 to 12.5 for openers?
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Last night (according to ResScan) I had an AHI of 3.8, which is GREAT!

However, it shows leaks:

Median 3.6
95th% 31.2
Max 40.8

Leaks sound BAD. Are they?
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Clementine, good news to have your leaks down but your leaks are still way up there and well over the 24 they recommend.
It must be driving you crazy because I know the leak thing drives me nuts and mine don't get anywhere near the level your's do.
I am sure retired_guy or someone with a load more knowledge than myself will put you on the right track.
Maybe I will get some tips as well.
Good luck...
Sleep Tight...
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Thing is, the leaks did not wake me up as it has some nights. That's why it surprised me to see that amount of leaks. Was so happy to have that great AHI of 3.8 ---
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