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help, way too many leaks last night
My leaks are still crazy high. I don't understand how in the world I get a smiley face on that screen in the morning when I have such high leaks during the night.
However, these leaks are not waking me --- which I also don't understand.

I am guessing that I need to tweak the pressure a tad bit now, gradually. I'm thinking going up from 6/12 to 7/13 ...?? Or should I play with the lower number first and tighten up the range, as RG suggests?
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Why do you think you need to up the pressure Clem? What's your ahi looking like nowadays?

Can you post some new charts from Sleepyhead? Particularly the leak graph, events, and pressure would be nifty to see.

As for the pillows, refresh my memory: Are you using a little larger size than you think you should? If you put a little HPA lanolin on the nostrils, use a larger pillow, use a chinstrap (gently applied) then you should get happier about the leaks. One thing I've noticed about the P10 is that even a little nosie leak can be very disruptive at night, yet doesn't seem to phase the Resmed and it's calculations one whit.

Anyhow, it would be nice to see your current charts.
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I now have the LARGE mask for the P10. It's big. Big and comfy. But I'm still getting the crazy leaks.

I don't need a chin strap as I keep my mouth clenched shut.

will post graphs in a bit.
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This is Saturday night:

[Image: screenshot-20140908-094801_zps1eb2c577.png]

This is Sunday night (I upped the pressure to 7 and 13 before sleep last night):

[Image: screenshot-20140908-095021_zpsfde3e5de.png]
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I stopped using the lanolin because it seemed to make things slippery. The mask would slide around. And I was only using a teeny amount.
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Leaks look good last night. One little area around 3:30 when they came up, coinciding with a peak in the OA's. Outside of that they look great. Go with where you are for a few days & see if things calm down some more. Even at the increased pressure it doesn't look like much changed in the OA count, so a further increase might be a good thing. But not for a little while.
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WHY do I get a smiley face in the morning when the leak rate is high/over the red line?
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It was only over the red line for a short period. That's normal and can be caused by many things. For most of the night the leak was below and even well below the red line. Your leak numbers, at least for last night, look just fine.

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okay. I guess I do not understand what the limit is on leaks. And since my AHI is still higher than 5, I look at the leaks to see if that is the cause?
Just trying to understand all this stuff. Does not come easily to me.
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No, leaks don't cause the AHI. They can cause a misreading when they're high and that may have occurred in that one 30 minute period you had. But overall you had a good night.

The AHI is still higher than we would like to see, so that will be a matter of very slowly adjusting your pressures until you get to that sweet spot.

You're doing great! Don't obsess over the leak thing.

Just run for a couple of days and see what the AHI is doing. It already came down a little so I think you're making great progress.
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