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how long did it take to get your machine from the medical supply company?
Not sure really, I think it's the non-therapy habit of only sleeping for 2-3 hrs and waking for a while. I just have to rebuild the habit of not removing mask and shutting off the blower. I was close to eliminating that upon stopping use with the BiPap. But very seriously, I don't have an answer for the why. I can state the ResMed is more comfortable despite the ASV vs BiPap. I like it much better, but I have to quit taking the mask off. Trust me, I will get there soon. I ain't quitting.
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Sorry to hear your sleep is so broken up.

Must be awful.

Maybe you can adjust the ramp time to fall asleep again during the night.

It helps me fall asleep again.

Don't know if your breathing pattern is the same as mine, but I breathe slower and slower until I fall asleep.

Once I'm asleep, my breathing speeds up to around 20 per min. so the ASV just does minor corrections.

But as I'm falling asleep, when my breath rate slows below 15/min., the ASV has a nasty blast of air up to 21.

It wakes me up just as I'm drifting off.

It doesn't do that while in ramp mode, so I adjust it between 30 - 45 min so I can fall asleep depending on how sleepy I am.

Another indicator is my oximeter pulse rate.

When I'm drifting off it's in the high 60s, but when I'm really sleepy and will fall right back to sleep, it's in the 50s.

I use pulse rate to adjust ramp time so I'm asleep before it times out, and my breath rate is fast enough to keep the ASV from blasting again.

BTW, in case you're wondering why I don't just keep it on 45 min., it's because my apnea gets worse before the ASV kicks in if I wait too long.

The apnea wakes me up too, if it gets bad.

The ResMed AirCurve 10 ASV really works wonders for me, because once it takes over, it regulates the apnea without needing a blast of 21.

I can see from the sleepyhead charts that it nudges my breathing if I try to go into a slower breathing pattern through the night.
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My situation sounds similar except I'm thinking I'm breathing faster and shallower until sleep transition. I'm going to use ramp time of maybe 15 tonight and see how that works.

FWIW bad back pain interrupts everything even sleep. Got appt Friday for spinal stimulant test. Maybe that helps sleeping too.

Best to ya

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OH, back pain too.

Sorry to hear that.

There is a chance you can get a longer sleep time if the ASV works for you.

A couple weeks ago, I must have jammed my hand under the pillow during the night.

The oximeter sensor gave me a huge blister.

Slept right through it.

Sure hurt in the morning though!

Keep at it.

Sleeprider is right, the ASV is a godsend for folks like us with central sleep conditions.
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I agree. I'll get it soon enough. After the fight to get ASV there's no way I'm giving up. I have adjustments to make, pillows, cervical collar, etc as well. But I'm trying not to change too many at once either. To a great afternoon...
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Herb and Dave, you both joined here about the same time, and with similar issues. It was a little weird as we got started going from one thread to the other and seeing the same things and the same problems with the medical professionals. I'm glad to see you both continuing on Apneaboard and with so much in common, I hope to see you for a long time to come, helping each other. I just feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Smile

I better chill the beer.
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I owe you a debt of gratitude.

If it weren't for you I would most likely be suffering at the hands of that ignorant doctor and the BIPAP ST for who knows how long.

I still have good days and bad, but the ASV is an order of magnitude improvement over what was initially prescribed.

I wouldn't have known to dump that doctor, and find a real one had you not clued me in.

Central sleep apnea is a real pain, but the ASV gives me the best night's sleep in years, literally.

AGAIN...  Thanks
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I'll Ditto thanks already. I know I've got areas that I've gotta nail down in my treatment but I'm here to stay. Oh and I'll be changing Ducks soon too. Even the RT at Apria said my doc is super stubborn and difficult to work with.
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(08-13-2017, 03:30 PM)SarcasticDave94 Wrote: My situation sounds similar except I'm thinking I'm breathing faster and shallower until sleep transition.
For me, part of it is psychological, hearing the sounds of air moving in the hose.

A fan running helps provide enough white noise to mask that and keep me from focusing on that.  Helps me get to sleep a bit more quickly and helps get things smoothed out to normal levels.

In my case, I tend to breathe too slowly and deeply, but it does seem to help to take a couple of deep "cleansing" breaths inhaling through my nose and exhaling through my mouth...  almost like a yawn would do.
-- Rich
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I'm not certain if it's the COPD or just my breathing pattern, it feels slow and shallow. Slow & shallow always BTW, not just when preparing to sleep or sleeping. My white noise comes from the white A/C in the window that despite being in a house with central A/C that bedroom is always warmer than rest of house. Besides, I breathe better with window A/C set at 68-70 F and it filters air which helps too.
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