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how to get data on SD card?
I'm guessing I know the answer to this, but I'm going to ask anyway: My SD card was not in my machine last night, and this morning it appears I had an AHI of 3.8. I'd love to get that data on Sleepyhead today. Is there any way to get the date from the machine onto the card after the fact?
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Not that I found. I also missed a night with my data card and I could never get the data loaded back on for that night.
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doggone it. It was a very good night. Best AHI I've had so far. I really wanted to see the details.
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Hi Clementine, it's like forgetting to put a tape in the VCR, you can't fix that after the fact. Your ResMed machine will still give you the compliance data and standard graph capability but the detailed graphing data isn't available for any night that the card wasn't inserted.

Look at the bright side, you may be able to make an even better recording tonight since it sounds like you are on the road to successful CPAP therapy. (insert the SD card before going to sleep) Smile
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LOL. Well, the nights haven't been consistent so far. I do hope I have another good night tonight.
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If it will help any, I'll send you one of mine. I'm getting some very good reports and will be glad to let you use one of them.

But seriously, stick with the program and you'll soon see the benefits and have nothing but good graphs for so long it will bore you to sleep. Big Grin
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oh, I'm sticking with it. Hating it, but sticking with it. Told Hubby last night how much I. Hate. That. Machine. and. Mask.

Maybe that's why the SD card didn't make it into the machine? Subconscious said to forget it.

Anyway, have used it every night since I got the thing. First few weeks I only used it for maybe 3 hrs each night, but it's gotten better. I can sleep a whole night with it, but do I enjoy it? Ummm no. But I want to feel better. Still waiting to feel better. Not giving up on it.
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Hi Clem, Good job on your good results last night. Once the Resmed machine gets done updating the missing night you will be able to review the summary data using the Rescan software if you care to do so. But that's really not a big thing. The important thing is how well you're doing!

Now, about the attitude thing: "Hate" is such a strong word. How about let's go to something like "...has been a bit of an adjustment period and learning curve becoming totally enamored with my new friend, the machine, although I excitedly look forward to that magical moment where I become one with the mask."

Yeah, that would be better.
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Hi Clementine,
What R-G said. I know you "HATE," the mask & machine, but try to change your ideas toward it a bit, make it your friend instead of your enemy, convince yourself of this so you can weather the storm and just keep on goin'.
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I think the S9 will put some very limited data back on the card, but not much. Compliance information mostly.

I think SleepyHead may not see it in the current version.
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