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how to get data on SD card?
(09-05-2014, 09:23 AM)Clementine Wrote: I'd love to get that data on Sleepyhead today. Is there any way to get the date from the machine onto the card after the fact?
Not on SleepyHead but you can view statistics and summary data on ResScan (ResScan windows only and does not works with Mac computers)

SH shows no data if detailed data is missing. Detailed data written directly on the card, if the card was not in the machine, detailed data is lost and not retrievable. Once you put the card in the machine, the machine write therapy and compliance on the card up to 365 days.

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argh. I took a nap this afternoon because my sleep this week has been so fragmented. Guess what I did:

wait for it ....

I forgot to put the SD card in. AGAIN.

And, the machine shows an AHI of ZERO. Two-hour nap!! Zero!

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okay, just put my data from last night on ResScan.

I'm confused. My AHI was 3.8.

Median 3.6
95th% 31.2
Max 40.8

That sounds BAD for leaks. Is it?
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But Clem, zero's good!!!

I have developed a well-oiled routine for handling the sdcard.

When I get up in the morning I put on my socks, say "good morning" to the puppies and my wife if she's around, then I take the card out of the machine, put it in the computer, download the stats, take a quick look at them ("oh great.... that goofy happy face again....") and immediately take the card back to the Resmed.

I have trained myself in this discipline because in the past I learned:

1. If I didn't put my socks on before saying "good morning" to the puppies, they would attack my toes. And that's kinky.
2. If I didn't immediately take the card and input it to the computer, I would forget. And then I wouldn't have any possible opportunity to complain about that goofy happy face.
3. If I didn't immediately take the card back from the computer and put it back in the Resmed I would not have a card anymore. It would be in a puppy.

So it's all discipline. You can do this! Just get a new puppy.
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(09-05-2014, 05:46 PM)Clementine Wrote: okay, just put my data from last night on ResScan.

I'm confused. My AHI was 3.8.

Median 3.6
95th% 31.2
Max 40.8

That sounds BAD for leaks. Is it?

Well it says 95% of the time you were below 31.2. Ideally you want to be below 24 95% of the time. So not a big deal, but a deal.

The thing to do is eyeball the leak graph. Are you consistently over the red line? Or is it just an occasion or two where something goes crazygonutz and skews the results for the whole night. If you're getting 7.4 hours of really good leak performance but .6 hours of crazygonutz, you simply ignore that.

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Well, I do not know how to read those graphs on ResScan, so I cannot tell. On SH when I have big leaks it is all over the place.

Will have to do another night and try to remember to put that card back in the machine . . .

and NO, I do not need a new puppy. We have one Crazy Pup and that's enough. Fortunately all she does is steal socks.
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I know zero is good -- that's why I was hoping I could look at the details on SH. ergh.
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(09-05-2014, 12:22 PM)retired_guy Wrote: Now, about the attitude thing: "Hate" is such a strong word. How about let's go to something like "...has been a bit of an adjustment period and learning curve becoming totally enamored with my new friend, the machine, although I excitedly look forward to that magical moment where I become one with the mask."

Bit of a stretch but more truth than one might think. When I don my trusty mask and feel the life-giving air flowing in, I am thankful for the technology and my good fortune at learning about it. That puts me in a mood to safely go to sleep with high hopes of waking up alive.

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Just remove the hose every time you remove the SD card and don't put it back on until you put the card back into the machine. Then if you forget, the missing hose should remind you. Or unplug the machine, remove the water tank, etc.
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