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how to overcome positional OAs?
how to overcome positional OAs?
[attachment=46283]Advice, please, will be greatly appreciated!

I get OAs in clusters as shown on the attached report. I'm sleeping with a low-profile pillow and a soft cervical collar. I try to make myself fall asleep on my side. As the chart shows, I get these clusters and often the clusters are accompanied by mask leaks. I'm interested in improving my therapy.

Thank you!

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RE: how to overcome positional OAs?
There are several threads and official guides here discussing this.

My recent experience on this topic:  measure your neck in inches from base to just under jaw.  Then check out amazon (more choices) or your local walmart/etc (less choices) for a soft cervical collar.  Be sure and buy one with your same neck height (2.5, 3, 3.5, 4 inch).  Also be aware of the design of the collar, as some are less great at supportimg the underside of the jaw.  I had to buy several to try out.  The ones i found less supporting (more obstructive apnea) were the ones with a steeper drop in structure on the front of the collar, whereas the one i like the most had more of a gentle dipping curve in the chin area.

Just whatever works for you!

P.s.  watch out for collars that have a rigid plastic piece added to the foam
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RE: how to overcome positional OAs?
A true side sleeper needs a higher pillow than a back sleeper. During those clusters are you side or back sleeping? Any idea?
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RE: how to overcome positional OAs?
Thank you, Spetzel. I will try a variety of SCC and try to find the right fit.

I don't know whether I am on my back or on my side when I get these positional apneas. I assume they are on my back because the sleep study indicated high number of apneas when I in "supine".

Maybe I should be using a taller pillow?

Thanks folks.
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RE: how to overcome positional OAs?
You've noticed that these clusters of OA are appearing when leackage is excessively high. Hence first try to get a better mask seal.

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RE: how to overcome positional OAs?
Markwgpsu:  be sure and read this forum resource


Theres a concern with SCC’s when sleeping (in my opinion) of not getting a super tight fit, as suddenly or inccorrectly raising from a sleeping/supine position could result in injury (body going one way, neck staying put)

The article discusses this…

My experience has been in line with the article.  A slightly loose fit for the purpose of keeping chin up, where i can move the collar around my neck with minimal effort (not free spinning) seems to work for me.  Ive tried it out in different positions while awake to alleviate any safety concerns i had.  As stated before, watch out for those “soft cervical collars” wih the added plastic insert!

Do whats right for you…
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RE: how to overcome positional OAs?
Good morning! 

I’m a primarily, (if not exclusively)a positional apnea sufferer. I’ve been around the mountain with trial and error routines …very inconsistent until recently after a year of ups and downs. 

My recommendation on what worked for me:

1. Absolutely you must stay on your side 
2. Use the flattest pillow you can find because your cervical collar will actually raise and manipulate your head into a position that will compromise your airway. That’s why tall pillows are a huge no no. With a flat pillow being close to the mattress, your collar will raise your head slightly and align with the pillow while on your side. 
3. Collar must not allow your chin to fit inside the collar. Not too tight though. If it’s too loose your positional numbers will spike. 2 fingers fit inside. 
4. Use foam wedges to stay on your side. Train yourself to sleep with them and adjust them when you turn over. 
5. Don’t over or under tighten your mask! That causes leaks. Mark the Velcro straps with a sharpie after you’ve had good numbers with that tension setting and when you wash it or when it accidentally comes loose you’ll know where to put it back again. 

I’m sure I’m leaving something out lol 
Have an expert here adjust your pressure if needed, but know that no pressure increase will stop positional apneas. You’ve got to fix it with good habits. Keep us posted !
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RE: how to overcome positional OAs?
Perhaps attach a tennis ball to your t-shirt back.
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