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input requested, need for low cost arousal sensors?
RE: input requested, need for low cost arousal sensors?
BB63, I had a few tests including CRP and was normal. I dont doubt there is something weird though and wish my naturopath was more helpful on this stuff. As mentioned he just wants to do adrenal fatigue stuff (which I disagree with and there is research saying not to take adrenal supplements which is why mainstream medical doesnt use them anymore) and another thing he was wondering about was vega testing which again is about as controversial as it gets.

I have been looking into trying to heal gut if that is the issue and started a couple probiotics. Oddly enough I have noticed a couple digestive symptoms crawling back the last few days and am wondering if it is because of dairy in the probiotics that I was recommended. Going to take them a few more days and if symptoms continue cut them out and see if they go away. Should be a telling sign that the dairy or bacterial levels is an issue. Probiotics from what all my doctors and research tells me can be hit or miss and sometimes makes things better and sometimes worse.

All complicated and frustrating because it is guess and check. Too bad there aren't clear ways to diagnose and treat this stuff.
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RE: input requested, need for low cost arousal sensors?
Hi Geer1,

Yes, it is complicated, especially for a lay person or a doctor who is a Conventional Medicine Specialist. Specialists don't treat the entire body, which is why they tend to treat symptoms and not the actual cause that produces the symptoms. They also tend to diagnose and propose treatment based purely on symptoms they believe to be important. This is how they were educated in medical school, so they can't be faulted-don't get me wrong!

At some point in the near future, our practice of medicine will shift towards Functional Medicine. Many Conventional Medicine Doctors have been converted to FM after they note how well their patients improve after they make the lifestyle change and commit to FM. Recently some very high profile citizens (legislators, millionaires, upper management of food production companies etc) have sought out FM practitioners and have had their lives improve significantly as a result too! These people are often wealthy, so they can afford to pay for their own FM practitioners. FM is generally NOT available to the average person because the Insurance Industry and government regulators don't recognize FM as a legitimate type of medicine. Pharmaceutical companies actively lobby against FM practitioners for obvious reasons.

However, FM does work-FM practitioners have cracked Alzheimer's, proven that the brain can be reprogrammed after a stroke to return the patient back to a much improved state of mobility.....and much more. The main toolkit for FM practitioners is the diet and they believe food is the best medicine. Based on my experience, I definitely believe them! The main toolkit for a Conventional Medicine practitioners is to prescribe a pill based on symptoms alone without looking for the cause.

I suspect your Naturopath is limited by his/her narrow field of view. You might ask him/her how they feel about improving the health through elimination and proper diet. Again, I'm not a Doctor, so I can't fault your Naturopath because I don't have the whole story. I have a family member who sees a Naturopath, but is now seeking an FM practitioner to tweak their diet to continue improvement in their overall health.

BTW, Probiotics alone are doomed to fail if prebiotics aren't also taken, and if the shortcomings of the diet aren't addressed-many times the only way to restore proper Microbiome health is by a fecal matter transplant. Years of medicines and antibiotic treatment wipe out entire species of gut bacteria and probiotics from a pill can't restore the needed diversity of the symbiotic bacteria in the gut population.

Also, the introduction of probiotics is a sudden shock to the bacteria in the gut. Discomfort and gas are temporary until the gut bacteria population stabilizes and a true ecosystem emerges. The same goes for introduction of prebiotics. Probiotics try to introduce new bacteria species to the microbiome. Prebiotics are food for the good bacteria in the gut-they discourage the growth of bad gut bacteria. So, please consider trying some Prebiotics (ie unconverted Potato Starch, which is cheap and doesn't require a prescription or permission from your doctor). Make sure to get the unconverted type of Potato Starch if you decide to consume it.

GL in the battle back to an improved state of health.


PSBig Grinairy product consumption is currently controversial. Some FM practitioners believe they should be eliminated totally from the diet because they are inherently unhealthy (like soy and sugar). Others believe the egg itself is made toxic because the hens that lay the eggs are fed soy. Livestock and hens have shorter lifespans when fed soy and need constant administration of antibiotics to keep them alive. Hen's raised on grain products don't require antibiotics at all and the eggs they produce have a much healthier Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratios. I like my cheese, and personally I do eat eggs and cheese, though in moderation.
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