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keeping a full facemask safe in airplane travel ?
I started traveling and have a resmed ultra mirage full face mask.
It has been broken 3 times already on the airplane.it cost way to much to keep replacing .. i dis mantle the top portion when packing but the part that seems to break is where the hose connects.. CAN ANYONE RECCOMEND a different style of full face mask or tell me how they pack..I cant carry 3 bags thru the airport all the time... thanks for any advice.. Currently looking at getting a smaller travel sized cpap also

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You don't say if you are packing the mask in the cpap case, but I assume that is what you are doing. If it were me, I would pack the mask only in my carry on. The only problem you might have with that is explaining it to airport security without the machine attached. Maybe carry a copy of your prescription with you.
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(09-08-2013, 08:31 PM)remltr Wrote: You don't say if you are packing the mask in the cpap case, but I assume that is what you are doing. If it were me, I would pack the mask only in my carry on. The only problem you might have with that is explaining it to airport security without the machine attached. Maybe carry a copy of your prescription with you.

yes the first time i broke it it was in the case with my cpap i am carefull when stowing it and carring it. then I switched it to my carry on and it broke there once on a regional jet that made us put the carry ons under the plane. Then i carred it with my computer back and was ok for awhile then the flight attendant shoved gear in the overhead and it broke that time. so now i carry the mask all broken down and in a bag within a bag and hold it thru the flights. mask holds up well its just that 90 degree angle where the hose attaches breaks all the time.. I even broke it when i rolled over one night after i first started using it but learned to sleep without rolling over...
I am a mouth breather..tried chin straps and all and still cant keep my mouth closed to warrent just nasal pillows.. I am at witts end....

I am on my 6 or 7th mask in 1.5 years and the cost is way to much to kep replacing these
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One option for travel is a cloth mask such as a Sleepweaver. About a year ago I went on a short trip. It was only 20 miles but my mask sat in my CPAP bag overnight in a cold car. When I unpacked it, the silicone in my Activa was deformed enough to leak badly although I thought I'd packed it well. I was able to salvage the mask cushion by boiling it with baking soda, but I knew it wouldn't be possible on every trip. I bought a Sleepweaver élan (a nasal mask) for travel use just to be safe on future trips. They have a new full-face mask although I haven't seen any reviews yet. I will say that the Sleepweaver masks aren't for everyone (love it or hate it).
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I'm not sure what the case is like for the Remstar, but with my S9, I can put something like a Quattro Mirage in to the lower part of the case and use the hose to keep it centred. If I had to, I could use a small box (if I found one the right size) and use that for extra protection. Not sure if that helps any...as I said, I'm not familiar with the case for the Remstar.
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I carry my CPAP in a case I got from my travel agent. The unit fits perfectly in the bottom, the hose on top and the mask in its bag goes next to it. We also carry my wife's pain meds in the same bag so it gives a little more packing in. I also wrap my machine in a towel to eliminate the chafing.

Another recommendation is to get a tag that says medical device and make sure that is facing the aisle when it is in the overhead bin. I would also at least file a claim with the airline for damaged medical equipment. The worst they can say is no.
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In the Commercial section of this forum, there's a post for a suitcase designed by a CPAP user. I have not used the product nor have anything to do with it.

However, it would hold your CPAP and the mask in a much safer environment. There appears to be plenty of room to put the mask in or at least put it in a box then inside the bag.

Unfortunately, if more things than just medical equipment is in the bag, it does not get the "waiver" for being medical equipment and counts toward your carryon allotment.

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According to the airlines I have asked (SW, AA, Delta, US Air) medications (especially controlled substances) can be put with medical equipment as long as the bag is used predominately for medical equipment.
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To keep your mask safe, I would try putting it in a box lined with foam rubber cut to shape. - At the bottom end a simple tupperware box, but if you have the skills a stronger one made from perspex, or fibreglass would be better. I think ply wood would be overkill and add too much bulk or weight for flying but I have made ply boxes before for sensitive gear when camping and they work very well.
you do not need much foam thickness - the key is the hard case with a bit of cushioning for hard knocks.

And I would certainly be going after the Airline for damage. This is the reason I use my Visa card to pay for all travel - it gives me automatic travel insurance that covers damage to my luggage and they fight it out with the Airline afterwards. (They may not offer this no-charge extra where you are though but I would check it out)
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I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner: You might want to look at a Pelican case. It is what I use for very expensive camera gear. Replace your cpap case with it and check it in without worry of destruction. It will be heavier and not cheap. But you could have bought about 1 and a half of them for the cost of the replaced masks.
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