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light on Dream Station
Mine definitely is NOT dimmed according to room light after I first start the machine. It is full brightness. I have verified by turning the light in the room on and off during the first 2 minutes of operation. After that time expires, the screen is off - not dimmed.

The other peculiar thing is the illuminated on/off button icon on top is illuminated while the machine is NOT operating, but then turns OFF when the machine is operational (ironically this is while the sleeping should occur and the room would be dark - making it is difficult to find the button in the dark).

It is programmed backwards, I think - the on/off button icon should be illuminated while the machine is running (in the dark).Unsure
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My Dreamstation on which the backlight dimming works fine developed a noise problem so I returned it to the DME and got a loaner until they get the original one fixed or replaced. Had to get up during the night and the backlight was so bright it was like I turned on the room light. I'm leaving in a few minutes to return it.
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It didn't go well at the DME supplier. They gave me a new machine for a loaner but it still did not dim.
When I pressed them on the issue the RT assured me she had set up many of these machines and none had the dimming feature. When I assured her that my original machine did she said she wasn't going to argue about it. I called the Phillips support number and gave them the S/N and they said the dimming function should work. Beyond that they were no help. Since the S/N of the one that worked was lower than the one that didn't I think it might be a software issue. The current non dimming machine has a version 1.0.4 on it. If someone has a machine with the dimming working I would be interested in what software version it has.
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Where are you seeing the version #? I don't see one on my DS Auto BiPAP ...
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(09-20-2016, 04:10 PM)Maskup Sleepwell Wrote: Where are you seeing the version #? I don't see one on my DS Auto BiPAP ...
It's on one of the screens in the My Provider section
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is it possible that when a provider sets up and locks some feature so you dont mess with it that it locks the operation of the dimmer?

For the people out there who's dimmers are working. do you have any provider locks ?
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My dimmer works but there's also No provider lock on my machine.
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You might get a piece of red cellophane tape and put it over the light. If the level is low enough, the red light won't wash out the rods on your retina and wake you more.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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One member suggested using a small piece of window tinting film to dim the light a little.
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Some time ago I found a product called 'LightDims' on Amazon. It's a sheet of self-adhering grey dots and rectangles of various sizes which I used for covering the leds on my computers, net-disks, and routers. They have different densities - I use the 'standard' so that I can still tell if a led is on or off. I don't know how big the Dreamstation screen is, but I'm sure you can combine rectangles to cover it nicely.
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