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mask leaks - what is a normal amount?
(01-18-2015, 02:39 PM)doccuke Wrote:
(01-18-2015, 02:23 PM)doccuke Wrote:
(01-17-2015, 04:33 PM)PaytonA Wrote: Just for purposes of comparison, I use a Mirage Quattro full face mask and my therapeutic pressure is 20 cm/H2O. I have a beard and mustache. My median leak rate has been 0 l/min. for quite some time now. My 95% leak rate is generally below 8. My point is that your beard should not be much of a consideration in deciding how your leak rate is doing. Several nights ago I did get a leak rate spike of 160 but it was only momentary - no worries.

I can not remember if you are using software to download and analyze your data but if you are not, you should. Download Sleepyhead from this forum and use it to look at how your leaks are for the night. It would be very helpful.

Best Regards,


I have not been using any software, I will check that out

OK, feeling not so bright here, I downloaded sleepyhead, plugged in the card from my CPAP and I am trying to import data. I looked in the root, DATALOG and SETTINGS folders and it is finding no data. There are files in all 3 folders so I am not sure what I am doing wrong

I am an IT tech for a living, so not green to PCs, just do not seem to be finding what this program seems to be looking for in my files


OK, apparently the first version I downloaded was not legit. I found the correct software and can read my data now. It would seem that I ned to make adjustments on my facemask. Has anyone else found that when you made the mask tight enough not to leak on the lower straps that you wake up with the neck and lower part of the skull throbbing?? When I make it tight enough that seems to be what I get, my neck ends up so stiff I can heardly turn my head.

Keepin at it


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Sorry to hear that you are having problems with strap tension and a sore neck. You have a full face mask but need more info. Is it a Resmed, F&P, Philips Respironics, or whatever? Next, what is the model name?

There is an old thread by Jeffie concerning full face mask fit that may be of interest to you. The link is as follows; http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...434#pid434.

There is also a thread called "taming the Mirage Quattro" on The "Mask Arrayed" blog. The link is as follows; https://maskarrayed.wordpress.com/taming...e-quattro/.

Check them out. It was those 2 descriptions and some playing around that got me to what I believe is an acceptable place at least as far as leaks are concerned.

How low on your neck does the lower strap go? It is my feeling that the lower strap should be as high up under the ear as possible. This has 2 advantages. It reduces the amount of strap tension change that you get with head forward and backward tilt changes. For instance, if you have your head tilted back when you fit the mask and with the lower straps low on your neck, when you tilt your head forward you will probably get massive leaks. Keeping the lower straps as much on the skull and as little on the neck as possible will reduce this problem.

There was another benefit that I thought of when I started writing the above paragraph but the thought seems to have slipped away. Ahhh the benefits of age but the more you can get the strap off your neck the easier it should be on your neck.

If your mask has the forehead brace(stabilizer), I think that the straps to it should not be overly tight. At least it works out that way with the Mirage Quattro that I use.

You may need a different full face mask. I use a Mirage Quattro and many people like it a lot but at least as many people absolutely hate it. I tried to use a Quattro FX for a while but never could keep it from leaking into my eyes and waking me up. I tried a nasal mask and thought I had it working well until I learned about the data and software that was available. Then I found out that I had been fooling myself. Went to the Mirage Quattro at the suggestion of an astute RT and have had good results ever since.

Let us know what you decide to do and how it turns out.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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Hey Paytona

It is a Mirage Quattro

I have a very large head, large as in dam near impossible to find motorcycle helmuts that actually fit, like 28" circumference.

I find that no matter how loose or tight I have it the strap ends up on my neck, some mornings I can barely turn my head at all. When I loosen it enough to be semi comfortable it leaks like crazy

Can't seem to find a happy medium.

A nose mask would not do me much good. Got my nose broke too many times, purely ornamental at this point.

I will check out the links you provided

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Interesting article about the mask, I am having a really difficult time getting it to not leak however. Trying what he said about turning the knob at the top out to 24 makes it leak like a siv no matter where I have the straps.

Wondering if I should get a new seal for it since I have had it over a year and always used it tight. Maybe wearing it too tight has ruined the seal

I'll keep working at it, the "face farts" as he called then drives my fiance nuts!! LOL

Have a good night

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I have never tarted out with the stabilizer adjustment set all of the way out. When I fit mine, I start with it about half way out. My goal is to end up with this adjustment not all the way in. Then when the straps start to relax a little, I can just dial it in a little to eliminate the leaks and then refit the next day. It is wise to add your own judgement to what is written. I have added and modified some things from both Mirage Quattro fitting descriptions. It works for me but maybe not for everybody.

It would be a good idea to at least get new cushions (seals). The common consensus in the insurance arena is that replacement should be on a 3 or 6 month schedule. Speaking of cushions, do you clean your cushions very often? Another thing that I do is cleaning my face in the areas that the cushions abut every night before going to bed. I think that there is some merit to the thought that one may need to maximize the coefficient of friction between the cushions and your face to keep them from getting blown out and leaking. Of course, one can overcome that by just cranking down very hard on the straps so there is no room for them to blow out.

My therapy pressure is 20 cm/H2O and I find that I have to crank the mask down pretty tight to eliminate the leaks but at a pressure of 16 it should not be quite so bad.

I am afraid that I do not know what is causing your sore neck when the straps are tight. The only thing that I can think of is that maybe you are struggling against the strap tension in your sleep or something of that sort. It might be a good idea to get a medical opinion on what that cause might be. if it is tension in your neck muscles from unconciously resisting the strap tension, a
muscle relaxant for a little while might help to get over it.

The other remedy might be a different full face mask. I would like to be able to have less tension on the mask myself. I have ordered a different full faced mask to see if that might be possible. I will let you know if that works out.

Best Regards,


Admin Note:
PaytonA passed away in September 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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