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maybe hypothetical question
Hmmm... odd enough to warrant a trip to your sleep doc to get his opinion on this, I must admit. The part that I wonder about is exactly where you are in your sleep cycle in the non - drugged state as opposed to the drugged state. Without an EEG it is hard to ascertain from this chart. By the way, the CA events there are Clear Airway events, not necessarily Central Apnoeas, although we tend to associate it with them - various other breathing disruptions, including skipped breathing and slow breathing will be interpreted as clear airway events (being a long time skip breather due to having been a diver, I know this to be a major problem with me - I will breath deep, hold it for nearly a second breath and then let it out, or pass a long time after the outbreath before inhaling again - both are interpreted as clear airway events).

Either way, this does indicate that you need to be examined further as to why you cannot achieve a stable sleep state without the drugs.
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having to wait for a titration, neither my sleep doc or the DME I use like the machine data, or the fact that I view it...trying to find more open doc, but few and far between in my town...

Thanks for the reply Doc...

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Nothing wrong in you reading your own data, so long as you can make sense of it, which is what we are here to help with. Would have been better had you led with that chart, btw, might have saved a few discussions. But to be clear, the medication on its own would not stop Central Apnoeas in and of themselves. The question is what is going on in your case..... It might be a good argument for a bi-level machine, but to be honest, this has to be done by further studies - an off the cuff diagnosis on this site is worth exactly what you paid for - nothing. Get thee to thy healer.
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Doc wrote:
"Get thee to thy healer"

will do as soon as I can...

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This looks like the issue I have...


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Could be - comorbid relationships like this are pretty common - mostly it is a fear factor - the body knows that it will be strangled if you sleep,so it tries to prevent sleep. Once the therapy takes old, it disappears - there is a body learning curve with this therapy and it takes time - months to a year before the body fully settles into the new routine. However, you still need a proper titration and I would guess a mask refit before jumping to any conclusions.
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Hey Story, how comfortable do you feel with the mask on? If you are having insomnia related to natural apprehension about the mask there are some tricks to get more used to it. Maybe because I scuba dive I was relaxed about mask use when I started. I still did not like it and it took time to get used to.

Maybe wear the head gear around the house while on the computer for a few hours each day. (slip the pillows down to your chin or neck) You may need to desensitize your body parts that are in contact with it. Get those neurons fired during the day when your brain can say-"ok, thanks, disregard" and then it will react less at night and accept this new touch sensation as normal.

I had hand surgery last fall and the area was hypersensitive. I had to consciously train the neurons in the area to "chillax". It was like resetting "normal" in a self-adapting sensor. I don't recommend you use Emla cream on your nose though!
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Hi Trailrider...

my insomnia started when I was a child, I just never connected poor sleep quality to anything..The pressure from the machine is what
makes it worse, slowly working on that...

thanks for the reply...:-)

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Have you tried your EPR to 3? I like that setting myself.
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(04-28-2015, 06:27 PM)trailrider Wrote: Have you tried your EPR to 3? I like that setting myself.

I just use the EPR on ramp, it's at 3, do you think I should try it all night??


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