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mouth leaks with additionnal cm
Hello everyone,
I hope you had a good night.

The doc raised my pressure of 1cm.
It was at 7 not it's 8.
It's great because it fixed almost every apnea. I still have one or 2 small one every night but they are every small.

The problem is, Ever since the pressure is raised i have mouth leaks. Enough to wake me up a couple of times during the night. And having a dry throat. IT's been 3 nights since the pressure is raised and my sleep is not has good because of the leaks.

My question is. Will i adapt to this over time? Is there a possibility the leaks will lower?
Or i should seek a solution? DEcreasing the pressure back to 7?
Putting the cflex + back to 3 instead of 2?
Using a chin strap? (i really dont feel like using a chin strap) So i hope there are other solutions.


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Good job getting your ahi so low. Don't be taking the pressure back down. Some leakage is preferably to higher ahi. The likelihood is you will need to use a chinstrap. Now the thing about chinstraps is they should not be worn too tightly. I like to say the chinstrap should be "gently applied," which encourages the jaw to stay forward and the mouth to stay shut.

Another possibility is if you are using a size medium pillow, try the size large. That helps me to keep a more solid seal.

Another thing to try, and actually something you might want to do first, is get some HPA Lanolin and apply a tiny bit to your nostrils at night. You get this from the baby department at your friendly local pharmacy sort of store. That can help the pillows retain their seal.

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Thanks retired guy Smile

I already use the large size.

What i think wakes me up is my mouth beeing open and earing air coming out of it. Or the troat that is dry and hurts. I dont recall all awakening so maybe the seal is not correct and my assuption is wrong so i'll try that cream.
It's a good idea to try to seal it first and see if it improves first.

It's funny how 1 cm increase brought me from no leaks to loads of leaks.
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(09-15-2014, 12:40 PM)Ghandi Wrote: What i think wakes me up is my mouth beeing open and earing air coming out of it. Or the troat that is dry and hurts.

Well that pretty much says you need to go with the chinstrap. I use one that Jimzzzz recommended called a Carefusion Pro. It's a single band sort of thing. It's much more comfortable than some of the others. But I agree with you that I would rather not have to use a chinstrap. Yet, for me, it makes the difference in being able to keep my mouth shut at night. My wife helps me keep my mouth shut during the day, but at night I'm on my on.
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(09-15-2014, 01:17 PM)retired_guy Wrote: ... My wife helps me keep my mouth shut during the day, but at night I'm on my on.


Fat Rat
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(09-15-2014, 01:29 PM)Fat Rat Wrote:
(09-15-2014, 01:17 PM)retired_guy Wrote: ... My wife helps me keep my mouth shut during the day, but at night I'm on my on.


Fat Rat

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I called the technician for a chin strap. She said that lowering the heat could help to keep the mouth shut. I may give it a try.

She was also a bit worried the doc changed the pressure and she asked for a prescription. I said the doc changed it so i dont need the precription. Then she said well we need to be informed.So i told her i'm telling you now.
And then she said well i just want to make sure you did't change it yourself.
That annoyed me and she noticed so she said she was kidding but she wasnt.
Just wow ....

Afterward i was happy to tell her the doc unlocked the c-flex settings she had locked Smile

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Yeah right... SHE needs a note excusing what the Doc did? In her previous job was she a first grade teacher? But a note from the doc probably wouldn't have worked either. I remember when I was in school and I took in an excuse note my mother had written for me. "This is a forgery," I was told. "We have seen your mothers signature lots of times, and this isn't it!"

....that inspired me to brush up on my penmanship skills.

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hahahaha I never got good at immitating signatures.

Anyways like you said a prescription or not she wants to ground me.

She told me the doc would not raise the pressure. He prooved her wrong twice. So when she eard it had increased the pressure she asked so did it do anything. When i told her almost all apneas were gone she did't know what to say. her intention was not to congratulate me Smile

If the other cpap store was not on the other side of the city i'd switch. But i dont mind. She powerless, so her powertrip does't go very far.

It's the kind of thing some ppl get angry over. It makes me giggle

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It's an unpopular thing to say but after a long struggle with nasal masks/mouth leaks, I finally settled on a full face mask with chin strap. It's not as uncomfortable on the face as you might imagine and the therapy is a lot more effective. The only catch is you still need to keep your mouth shut so you don't swallow incoming air (aerophagia) thus the lightly tensioned chin strap as a reminder.
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