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(n00b) First 8 Days Great, but afterwards..
- Afterwards, I can't to keep the thing on more than 3 HOURS!!!! FUUUUUscicle. Been using it for about 25 days.
** For your time reading, fun story at the bottom!

And oh, Hi. I'm new here. I rarely post on forums, i just hoover the info I need and move on (yes, I know, its horrible). But after Installing Windows 10, finding ResScan (thanks you guys btw, the info is an eye-opener!), I still have no answer to why 90% of my nights, the mask will not stay on for more than 3 hours!

- I lay on my side and the wind blowing out on my eye wakes me up?
- I roll to my stomach? (I have no idea; the sleep study guy woke me up when i was on my stomach and that was a shock).
- The tube rubbing against my bed puts excessive resistance or noise and i tear it off?
- Corneal Abrasion from PRK surgery in 2004? (its been acting up a lot lately when sleeping)

I. Have. No. Idea. I Wake up in the morning and its on the floor, or on my bed (tried putting the tube behind my pillow a few times. I dont remember ever doing it either. "damnit, again??"

When i got the machine, I could wear the mask all night - I felt rejuvenated!! Now, Not so much sadly.
- Tried putting the tube under the pillow
- Tried tightening the heck out of the straps.
- Tried not adjusting the mask under pressure (so that the air pillow around the face mask doesnt blow out.
- Tried sleeping on my back (my body vehemently REFUSES to sleep on my back; my nap attacks would make me feel nauseous until i rolled on my right side.)
- Tried adjusting the starting pressure up and down...
- Tried using the EPR/APR/?PR from 0 to 2
- Adjusting the mask higher on my nose or lower on my jaw.
- And on... and on..

I grabbed ResScan because I thought it would shed some light... and yet... All I got back was fear of Central and obstructive events (which dont happen around the time the mask comes off, but in clusters throughtout the night, that mean anything??)

Yeah, I need to go back to my provider.

OH YEAH FUN STORY!!! Because... that's why you read (or skipped) down here.

So There I was (I'm in the Navy, this is what how we tell story's),
*FINALLY* got my sleep study, after pushing and pushing and being close to kicked out. I go up there with a duffel bag full of crap I didn't need (laptop, tablet, etc), because as soon as I get the electrodes, tubes, and straps all put on me, it's 2300. Get to bed, do all the wierd calibrations, and technician says, "Go to sleep!" So, I roll over on my side.
* Ultimate downfall noted right here: A/C vent is on full blast. Its not cold, but its air. You'll see what i mean -->
"We need to get some readings of you on your back, if you dont mind."
-- 30 minutes pass of staring at the ceiling -- "Okay, you can roll on your side"
I go on my side, and maybe sleep for 20 minutes before I wake up in a sweat (had to wear shorts/shirt, usually just wear shorts).
Guy comes in because an electrode in my hair came off and he's got to put it on. Try to go back to sleep...
-- 30 to one hour more of sleep -- Guy wakes me up on the PA, "Hey, uhm, we cant have you sleeping on your stomach because you might pull some cords out. you can go back to your side though." I WAS ON MY STOMACH?
-- maaybe 30 more minutes of sleep -- Somewhat awake on my side. I feel my eye having problems.

Oh no, not again... I start trying to slowly open my eye while rubbing it to moisten... and a searing shot of pain. Boom. Corneal Abrasion, ** the night is done! ** I tell the guy I'm sorry, but there is no way I am getting back sleep after that - it usually takes about 2 hours for the pain to subside. We calibrate, he comes in and pulls the stuff off, aaaaaand.... I'm done at 0400.

By far, the worst sleep I have ever had (slept flat on a table later on for 2 hours - Hey, I'm in the military!) and I truly felt sorry for that technician. I felt like such an ass for wasting his time, and finally I felt like there was no reading that could have possibly been obtained. What did they say my AHI was? 5.8-ish I think. If I hadn't made it on threshold i would have demanded a redo. But I promise you, if i put the eye gunk in and dont have a shirt on, I'll probably rock double that AHI.

Damn Corneal Abrasion crap.
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Nice story photic! The day after my sleep study I felt the same. I was awakened four times by the tech fixing something or other. It didn't help I went to sleep late because there was no clock in the room and my book was good...

It would help if you listed your face mask model in your info. 5-15 is kind of wide open, but it sounds like they aren't too sure and will read your data.
Sometimes your tear duct can vent from your sinus straight through. And it's a small jet of air into the corner of your eye. Very disconcerting. Someone on here (if I recall correctly) said their ophthalmologist recommended a gel eye ointment and dab that on the tear duct before bed.

Personally I think the pressure setting of 5 is way too low for comfort. You may be removing the mask unconsciously if you feel air starved when sleeping. Ratcheting the pressure up to 7 should do the trick. My EPR is at 3; makes it easier to breathe out.

Hang in there and don't worry too much about the gymnastics. Things will settle down over time as your brain and body get used to the therapy.

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Hi ph0tic,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
It sounds like you have had a tough time of things lately.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and don't give up, it does get better.
Much success to you as you continue and fine tune your CPAP therapy.
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three hours at a time, punctuated by a 60-90 minute break with water, dim lights, ought to do the trick. Your body will gradually get used to having so much sleep and start helping you stay asleep.

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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