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need advice please
Sorry for not searching the forum first but I'm under the gun for time and need some advice quickly from those in the know.

My wife just got her prescription for obstructive sleep apnea.

"cpap pressure range/settings of 5 - 15cmH2O".
"All cpap and bilevel therapy requires humidification, mask interface and is required indefinitely".

The clinic she was dealing with was very kind but their machines are very, very expensive. We do not have medical coverage. They may not have been overjoyed with my wife for not buying from them.

Now I'm trying to find a machine.

Does she need an "auto" machine or just a regular? I'm looking at system ones and resmed s9 elite. Both have humidifiers. I see other brands as well but they don't seem so popular.

I think we have the mask nailed down. An Airfit 10 (medium) I believe. She tried the nasal pillow type and she liked it but it was loud. Any advice on masks would be much appreciated as well.

Any advice or recommendations you can share would be invaluable to us. Thankyou. In the meantime I will research the threads here.

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Hi rokky! Welcome

Please go to the top of this page and select "Supplier List". Look at Supplier #2's site on slightly used CPAPs.

I hope this may help.
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Thanks sgearhart. Unfortunately, we are in Canada. Dollar difference, possible border hassles/costs, and shipping might be a problem.
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I agree with shearhart.... You can purchase slightly used or open box cpap's at a reasonable cost with Supplier #2.

If you can swing it, get an Auto CPAP. It looks as if she was prescribed a pressure range, so that would be the way to go.

The mask is the hardest part. She will have to try different ones to see what works best for her.
Good luck!
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Thanks Opalrose. Her trial machine was an auto system one but she said the pressure was always the same. Does it adjust when sleeping?
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(09-07-2015, 08:05 PM)rokky Wrote: Thanks Opalrose. Her trial machine was an auto system one but she said the pressure was always the same. Does it adjust when sleeping?

You can use an auto CPAP as a straight CPAP, so it may have been set up as

If it was set up with an auto range, then yes, it will adjust to your needs as you sleep.

Please note, that you can use an auto CPAP either way, but a straight CPAP machine can only be set with a straight pressure, not a range.
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Thanks OpalRose. If they prescribed a range I would assume the trial machine was setup as such in auto mode. Wished I had thought of making a copy of the sd card data before the machine went back. Darn.
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The prescription is clearly auto-CPAP, and she will fine-tune the settings as she uses it. The Philips Respironics 60 Series Auto is a full data machine and should serve her for many years. Buying through an online source or the used/open box units at Supplier #2 should be affordable compared to using a traditional DME supplier. You already found the resource that can make this easier...the Apneaboard Forum.

The auto machine will be a better choice in the long run and can change pressures during the night to meet her needs. It is a more comfortable unit and can work in straight CPAP if she chooses to do that later. Many people can use a relatively low pressure most of the night, but need higher pressure when they shift onto their back or enter REM sleep stage. The auto provides that adjustment, providing the lowest effective pressure, rather than using straight pressure of 15 for the worst case during the night.

The mask is critical to comfort and it might be a good idea to use your supplier for the mask as they should have a replacement policy that can be used to find a comfortable style and size. Supplier #1 allows a 30 day free return on masks, and that is an alternative as well. Do you know if she will use a pillows, nasal mask or full face? Really that is the hardest part, even though the cost of the machine is what got your attention.
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I don't know much about the Canadian health care system, but there are plenty of folk on this forum that live in Canada, so hopefully some will chime in and have advice for you.

One thing, if you can get your doctor to write a perscription for an auto machine with heated hose, you are one step ahead. And be sure to get a copy of that perscription.

Also, I would think you have a right to your information. You can ask them to print you a copy of the info on the SD card.
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Her first mask was a full face and worked pretty well. Its an Airfit F-10. The nasal masks were noisy for some reason.

Ok. I will shop for the "auto" type machine. That's a big help knowing she needs it. Are the auto machines intelligent enough to vary pressures on their own or do they need specific settings or input?

I should try to get the sd card data but I figured the prescription would have all that is necessary.

Thanks for your info as I have no clue.
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