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new hoseless cpap promised
(05-25-2015, 06:36 AM)OMyMyOHellYes Wrote: ...Was this announcement released on 01 APR by any chance?

I went looking for a date line... I suspect April 1 too.
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Ion air pumps.
You get a cpap and a bark collar as a bonus ! Wink
I use my PAP machine nightly and I feel great!
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This is a new type of CPAP coming to the market soon. As someone with claustrophobia this is something I might actually use. I was unable to post a link but if you google "Airing CPAP", it's the first one to come up.

Check it out! Thanks
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Already discussed... just a couple threads below yours.
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I think it is an April Fools joke. It looks like a bluetooth earset with two earpieces.

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Hi Jul, good morning to you.

I can appreciate how the promo on this product might give you some hope. It would certainly be nice to find something you could use to enjoy and gain the benefits of cpap therapy.

But when you really look at it, it isn't all that much less invasive or intimidating than a little P10 pillows mask. ....and the P10 is off the shelf ready for you right now.

I understand your fears. They're very real, and I certainly would not want to do anything to make you feel more uncomfortable. But I think if you had a P10 just to play around with, not necessarily even to hook up to a machine yet, you might find it is not so intimidating after all. I would be willing to send you one just for that purpose if that would be something you feel you could try. If it is, just PM me and we'll figure it out.
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Looks like it would be useful for long distance air travel. Or even perhaps the occasional overnight on road trips.
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Fraud. Start with no website. They want your information, but won't give you theirs. They want crowd funding instead of venture capital. There are no patents or patent pending. Quite unusual for an inventor. The doctor is an internist without any distinguish awards. No Board Certified Sleep Medicine Doctor. You really think they can make something that small with fan and battery? If it's too good to be true, it is.
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They have a website: http://www.fundairing.com and looks like they have a blog with many commenters.

I wonder how this is similar to something like EPAP. I studied a little bit of MEMS materials in college/grad school and a materials engineer by trade and I cant say it's not possible. But to make something like that cost-affordable might be another story. But what would be interesting is how it would be powered. I imagine it would have to be battery powered by also assisted by user's own breath/pressure to make efficient.
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They provide basically ZERO technical specs on the device. Some pretty pictures and a diagram which really doesn't provide much.

EVERY picture on their website which talks about throwing away your CPAP mask and using this instead shows a FFM (not even a nasal mask) where the chances are unlikely this type of device would work for those people. So they are not even aiming at nasal mask users.

Oh and the whole device is about 1oz. That would include the magical battery system.

My smartphone (Galaxy Note 3) has a 3200mAh battery in it. It does a pretty good job of providing power for the display, computer etc.. but I doubt it would last long powering any kind of blower. Just the batter is physically, it is bigger than the device they are showing and the Note 3 battery alone is almost 2oz.

How do they do such wonders and.. it filters the air too.

Now compare that with ANY other CPAP machine on the market, and you instantly see a huge difference in size, power, usability etc..

Pie in the sky. Anyone who invests in this without them providing more technical details is a fool and this is most likely why they are going crowd funding in the first place. any real device would gobble up VC money in an instant.
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TNET Sleep Resource Pages
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