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new to cpap re sleep
Welcome! It can take a while to adjust to sleeping with a mask, a hose, a machine, and air pressure. But you can do it!

I'd say it took me 2 weeks to not be mad about it, and about 4 weeks to feel comfy with it.
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I am at three weeks into it. I dont have a problem with the pressure. Is still geting used to masks
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Hi update 
It appears that I am sleeping better every other day  . Last night was poor previous night good because exhausted . Unfortunately as mentioned in previous post I also grind which also affects my teeth and jaw during the day .  I am trying to sleep on my side but now can only sleep on left side because lssst might don't know if it is related to my f10 mask but my ear outer was hurting . After I moved to left it stopped . I checked my mask and it was on properly. This only stated since I had this mask.  I hope I get better sleep and fall
Asleep easily . Sometimes I have trouble falling ssly and sometimes like this past Monday it was ok . Hope things will get better for me  and thank you got reading my post.
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My sleep has not been consistent . I  hope I get some quality sleep.   Just curios how long it has taken for some of you . I know I need to be patient thank you again for reading my post
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It took me a couple of months, hang in there. I know you said you were not comfortable installing software, but if you could do it, or have a friend that could help, it would help others to help you. People here would really like to help you succeed.

Sleep well,

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(06-02-2017, 07:23 PM)Novello1234 Wrote: My sleep has not been consistent . I  hope I get some quality sleep.   Just curios how long it has taken for some of you . I know I need to be patient thank you again for reading my post

I've been at this 18 months now, and while I think I'm getting close, I not quite yet at the point where I can reliably get a good night's sleep. Some of my issues have been:
  • My F&P Simplus mask will start making noise at the exact moment I'm drifting asleep, waking me up. Cycle through that 3 times in 10 minutes, and I won't be able to fall asleep again for hours. I discovered this varies enormously from cushion to cushion; one cushion in particular roared like a hurricane and droned like a bagpipe right out of the bag. I replaced it with another one, and it was whisper quiet.
  • The humidifier tank in my AirSense 10 would start to make a tick-tock noise on each breath, again only when I was falling asleep.
  • I had to get the humidity just right: too little and I'd wake up in the middle of the night with dry mouth, and would have to get up; too much and the tube would get water in it and gurgle.
  • I had other health issues that needed to be addressed, e.g., hypertension. The biggest change was having TURP surgery: had no idea how much needing to urinate at night was interfering with my sleep.
  • I've found I've had to rigorously follow my sleep regimen: no caffeine after noon, minimizing alcohol, go to bed and get up at the same time, avoid the computer before bed time, and so on. Each factor contributed in its own way.
I have a good night's sleep more often than not now, but bad nights (or two in a row) will still happen, and I often wake up feeling groggy and thick headed. The answer from my PHP, sleep doc, and my kids is: get regular exercise. I have not been. I'm hoping that will be the last step to feeling healthy again.
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I have had the ASV machine for almost a month now, and I'm still getting used to it in some ways. Everyone here on this forum reveals how individual we each are, as "Your Mileage May Vary" will show. No 2 individuals here arrived at today by the same identical path. Even if we both had the same blower, mask, settings, etc. your experience would be different than mine. Guaranteed, in some way it will be different. But in ONE way, we all can have the same thing. Good, successful results by NEVER QUITTING.

Even a 1,000 mile trip requires a first step. My recommended first steps are getting good shoes and 2 cups o coffee

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Sleepyhead Chart Organization
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