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new user 75 days
Been using ResMEd Airsense10 for going on 3 months.
Do not seem to notice any difference since starting.
Here are the stats that I extracted from the daily detailed reports.
Ave Usage = 7:15
AHI= ave 5.2 5 events between 15 and 16.25
Central= ave 4.25
Obstructive= Ave .3
Chenes Stokes=6.9%
Leak= Ave 1
Pressure Ave 10.37 95% =11.9

Either have real dry mouth or dripping water...cannot find mid point 80F at 6

Comments Suggestions?
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Welcome Netsurfer! We pretty much need to see the data plots from the free sleepyhead software to be of much help. This is all stuff that happens when we are asleep and the only real way to see what is going on is with the plots.

That said:
you are using a nasal mask and the only way I know of for you to get a dry mouth with that is because you are opening your mouth while sleeping and this causes what is known as a large leak (plots would show this). You can either train yourself to block off your mouth, ware a chin strap, or switch to a full face mask (nose and mouth). During large leaks you are not getting good treatment and the machine has trouble figuring out if you are having apneas or not.

Your numbers are not bad, would like to see when your apneas are happening. If they are right before you go to sleep or right before you wake up they are called wake/sleep junk and are not "real".

Dripping water is caused by condensation that comes from the warm moist air in the hose having to go through a hose that is in a colder room. do you have a heated hose? if not you can put a cover on the hose. Even just cutting the toe out of socks and sliding them over the hose will work.

install sleephead and read up on importing your data and posting plots and you will get lots of feedback

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Hi netsurfer,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy, hang in there for more responses to your post.
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I don't understand this:
(08-03-2016, 02:28 PM)netsurfer Wrote: AHI= ave 5.2 5 events between 15 and 16.25

Can you clarify what that means? Your AHI averages 5.25 or between 15 and 16.25?

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The best fit straight line thru the data is about 5.2 and out of 75 readings (days) there were only 5 between 15 and 16.25. All other readings were lower.
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Hi netsurfer,
What software are you using? If you would download the SleepyHead software and with a couple more posts you can download some of your recent data.

Here are some links to get you started:
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OK, so five bad days out of 75. That is not too bad for starting out. An average over 5 is too high, in my opinion. I noticed a benefit right away, but did not really feel good until I got it below 2. And I am still struggling with feeling really good. The ratio of Centrals to AHI is also pretty high. Do yo have any known heart problems?

As other have said, we need to see some data from SleepHead to say much more. And please fill out your profile with your exact machine model, mask name, etc. That is vital information when giving advice. Each company makes many different types of machines and masks.

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Which data is most informative? Do I cut and paste a screen shot.
The Dr. said that I was a borderline candidate but that there were benefits to continuing therapy associated with afib.
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Check this out, to see what data is most useful to post.
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(08-10-2016, 03:01 PM)netsurfer Wrote: Which data is most informative? Do I cut and paste a screen shot.
The Dr. said that I was a borderline candidate but that there were benefits to continuing therapy associated with afib.

A couple links to help you. Take a screenshot from the daily page.

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