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new user 75 days
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RE: new user 75 days

the one things missing from the data you provided are:

Total hours slept
Total number of times you had to really stop sleeping.

While my average aggregate sleep time tends to slide between 9 - 14 hrs per day, there are days where it's as low as 4.5 - 5 hrs.

If all the sleep were acquired in one continuous wall clock measurement, I'm sure things would be better than they are.

In my case, my sleep on a daily basis is horribly fragmented. 15 mins' here, 30 mins' there, maybe 90 mins here, rarely anything more than a 3 hr contiguous block of time. To top it off, I'm usually up round about 06:00 (sometimes earlier); frequently a nap around 10:00; again round about 14:00; usually in bed at 20:00 then up and down all night with little more than about 90 mins at a time.

So while you're getting "N" units of time sleep which under normal conditions would be adequate, when those "N" units of sleep are fragmented badly, you might feel like crap.

Here's a snippit of my data demonstrating what I'm really talking about and this is why I tend to feel like crud most days.

My Sleep Dr is adamant that he's not in favor of giving me medication to address the fragmentation. He's convinced my fragmentation is caused by something else and he, like a blood hound is hot on it's trail!


Take a peek at if your sleep is fragmented and see if that might be a contributing factor.

The only good thing is all my physicians keep documenting I'm alert (I wish I knew what a lert was), in total control of my faculties without regard to how much sleep I've received.

Hope that gives you something to look at and oh, BTW, your fragmentation needn't be as drastic as mine. My guy tells me if you can't get between 4-5 contiguous hrs of uninterrupted sleep at a time it's quite likely you're going to feel like crud and as if your not receiving the intended benefit the ?PAP devices are intended to address.

And if you look carefully at the 20:00-23:30 and 06:30 - 08:30 time periods, the smallest of interruptions become significant and completely destroy the benefit of the intended sleep.

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RE: new user 75 days
I too rarely get more than three hours in a row. And I feel like crud the next stay. Mine is less fragmented than your, I am usually only awake for 5-10 minutes between sleeps.
08-11-2016 01:37 AM
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