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new user, mask question
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Machine: Phillips respironics dream station
Mask Type: Nasal mask
Mask Make & Model: switching soon
Humidifier: dream station heated humidifirer
CPAP Pressure: 14/16
CPAP Software: Other Software

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new user, mask question
I have been using a wisp nasal mask for 9 days. I have a high pressure and it is bi-pap rather than cpap. Apparently I open my mouth at night, because I am waking up through out the night needing a drink of water. I am very dry and uncomfortable. Also, burping air. I am going to try the full face mask tomorrow. I am hoping this will help, but I am a side sleeper and worried about not being able to get comfortable. I am determined to make this work and get some good sleep finally. I have been sleeping some better and dreaming more, even with the wisp.
07-26-2016 02:39 PM
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Machine: DreamStation X500
Mask Type: Full face mask
Mask Make & Model: I have a Walk-in Mask Closet (F&P Simplus most nights)
Humidifier: DreamStation
CPAP Pressure: 15
CPAP Software: SleepyHead

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RE: new user, mask question

A chin strap can help with the mouth breathing. I am a side sleeper and sometimes use a full face mask. The trick is to sleep on the end of the pillow and let the mask hang over the edge.

The burping is form aerophagia. I don't suffer from that so I will defer to someone with experience in that area.

Remembering more dreams is not necessarily a good thing. You only remember them if you wake up during or immediately after them. So it could mean you are getting woken up.
07-26-2016 03:13 PM
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Machine: ResMed S9 Autoset
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Mask Make & Model: P-10 / F&P Simplus / DreamWear
Humidifier: H5i w/Climateline
CPAP Pressure: 8 - EPR 3
CPAP Software: SleepyHead

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RE: new user, mask question
Hi marylyn!


I'm a side sleeper that uses a FFM. I switched to a buckwheat/foam pillow that doesn't compress like a foam pillow. This prevents the uncompressed portion of the pillow from trying to push on the mask. For reference on the pillow I'm referencing to, please Google Form-Fit Pillow. The pillow is shipped overfilled and may be reduced to accommodate the person's size and sleeping position. Getting the correct amount of fill is the key to success. I had to buy one for my wife after she tried mine and she isn't a CPAP'er.

Good luck.

Statistics prove that people who have more birthdays live longer.
07-26-2016 03:20 PM
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Machine: Resmed autoset s10
Mask Type: Nasal pillows
Mask Make & Model: Resmed p10
Humidifier: Resmed
CPAP Pressure: 8-20
CPAP Software: ResScan

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RE: new user, mask question
Hi Marylyn,

I was having the same problem and I started using the resmed chin strap and I haven't had a dry mouth since. (about 2 weeks now) and it also lowere dmy Leaks from 24/l Min to 2/l min
07-27-2016 01:32 AM
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Machine: Resmed S9 AutoSet for Her
Mask Type: Full face mask
Mask Make & Model: Fisher & Paykel Simplus
Humidifier: H5i Heated Humidifier
CPAP Pressure: 10 - 7-20 Cm H2O
CPAP Software: Not using software

Other Comments: I started CPAP in 2008. Totally blind since birth.

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RE: new user, mask question
Hi marylyn,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with finding a mask that you like, it can be the hardest part of this whole thing, so just keep trying 'till you find one that works for you.
Much success to you with your CPAP therapy.

07-27-2016 06:49 PM
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