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opinion please
Thank you   : )     it is nerve wracking for sure.  but   I have a new machine .. finally looking forward to sleep tonite.    guess it is a toss up on whether I turn in the old one or not..
I'll see if they bug me for it ..
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I have to ask you, did Medicare pay for the NEW Airsense 10 for her and the older machine?  If so, then you own them both.  If Medicare didn't pay the dme company for the new one then you're gonna be out of the older A10 for the trade in under ResMed 2 year warranty.
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Maniac - that is probably going to be the case .. Medicare paid for the old one.. they charged for a new one and it was refurbished... but still it is within the 2 yr warranty time so that is probably how they are doing it.  There was no charge today .. the paper I signed said zero - so I probably owe them the old airsense 10.  I won't know for sure if they are charging Medicare until I see the receipts I get from Medicare.  I did call Medicare but you get a different person every time .. but two people from there have said I keep the old one.      Medicare said they will pay for either repair or the difference in price of repair and a new one..    When I see the billing I will know what is going on.  and If I need to turn it in - I will.  and it's ok...just glad to have the new one.
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Welllll  I just looked at the usage on my "New" machine ... 129 hours ... I couldn't look while at their office ... but they said "yes" it's new.    I'm calling Medicare
again tomorrow to see what the deal is.  Have you guys had to deal with this .  I want a brand new, latest model machine.  I have no idea if this is the latest or one of
the first models.  All I can tell by the serial numbers is that it was made in Australia.   arrrrrgh   sorry ... I know you are all tired of this thread... lol
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129 hours is definitely not new. This sounds like a very dodgy company and you should report your findings to Medicare as it is them that is paying for the machine. You should also take the machine back immediately (in other words well before you could use it for 129 hours) and demand a brand new replacement. Are you prepared to name and shame so other members can avoid this company?
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Sounds like they are trying new machines on patients and when it doesn't work out with the patient for what ever reason, try to pawn it off on another unsuspecting client.  Let medicare know what is going on.  As somebody else asked, will you name the company so others will know what kinda scam they are trying to pull on patients who are clueless about machines and usage.
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Yes - I am happy to name them.  RHEMA Medical, Denton, TX    My doctor told me they have just been named preferred provider for this area.  I know there are two other suppliers.  I will definitely talk to Medicare this morning .. and my doctor needs to know also as he refers his patients there.
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Mary Anna,
You may find that most DME's operate the same.  Their interpretation of "new" is different than what we perceive to be new.  

I went through similar when I started.  My DME gave me a "new" machine with over 500 hours on it.  I didn't discover it right away, but when I did, I called my Insurance.  They told me it was totally the DME 's decision.  After calling my DME and voicing my displeasure, they ordered a "new" machine with 0 hours.  I checked while in their office.  They were surprised I knew how.  

The bottom line is that these are machines that others have trialed and returned.  The DME saves money by sending these back out.  They consider them new.  

You have a right to demand a new machine, just know that you may run into the same issue with someone else.

If your current DME won't give you a new 0 hour machine, then threaten to go elsewhere.
They may not want to lose your business.
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That represents 15+ days of use. Since it could have been repossessed from a non-compliant patient after 90 days of trial, it could easily be many short sessions. In the eyes of the DME and Medicare it is probably viewed same as new. Date of manufacture is in the serial number code. The 1st two numbers of the Serial Number are origin, followed by the year and the week and year of manufacture. The rest of the numbers of the Serial Number are used for product identification starting with country of origin.
22 = Australia
23 = Singapore
16 = 2016
18 = 18th week (2nd week of May?)

Be aware Medicare does not prohibit the DMEs from cycling used and cleaned machines back into use and being reimbursed for a new machine. When a machine is taken back for noncompliance, the DME only receives a rental rate for the period of use. We have had members told by Medicare that they do not prohibit this practice. I have never seen a written policy. If you find Medicare helpful in this, then please be sure to let us know so we will know this policy has changed.

Did it include a SD card?
Have you check the therapy hours compared to run-hours?
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Ok... I have to back it up ... just got a call from the supervisor at RHEMA ... and the technician failed to tell me yesterday that they were giving me a loaner while the new machine is on order.  So new machine ordered and will be here in a few days.    I don't trust them and I do think they do whatever they can get away with but seems like they are making this right ... they are requiring that I turn in the old machine.    I am also pretty sure that if I had not called this machine would not be replaced.  :/
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