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pressure ramping too high
Resmed s9 working great for 2 yrs. Had problem 2 or 3 a.m. pressure blasting mask so it leaks all over max. pressure set at 14. Fixed it by getting new water chamber for humidifier- one of the 4 snaps was broken. Now doing it again- when i shut it off and start it again it's ok for a while then does it again has to be ramping too high. I just know there is a simple solution, is a seal or gasket broken/ worn out somewhere in the machine? is it in the humidifier?
Thanks!- eric
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Without seeing what is going on in SleepyHead (see link at top of page, and assuming your machine is data capable - hint: a fully filled out profile makes it easier to help you and requires less guess and hedging of bets) it is hard to say. It could be something with the machine. It could be that you are snoring or having actual events in REM sleep or on your back and the machine is legitimately raising pressure to treat that. It could be that the seal on your mask is getting old and/or your face is getting oily after few hours in bed and the "face fart" least from the mask are getting interpreted as snores which causes the pressure to go up which makes the face farts worse and you have a pressure ramping cycle. Or it could be something else! Grin

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Hi millman3,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy and also with figuring out your machine problems.
Hang in there for more responses to your post.
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Thank you for your advice- where can you get a schematic of the resmed S9 and S8? is there a maintenance book available or a website that shows how to disassemble and repair these things?
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They are not lawnmowers! Grin I have seen precious little around in terms of details or replacement parts. Self maintenance tends to be discouraged with medical equipment. You will seem parts on eBay from time to time that have been salvaged from dead equipment.

I am assuming it is out of warranty. There are a few repair places around, but I will guess that the costs to repair an S9, with shipping and all, might make a replacement machine more attractive.

I think it is premature to consider tearing it apart or replacing it. Let's see what SH shows first. Does it ramp up when you are awake or asleep? You might just be having a spate of bad nights.
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I have a service manual for the S8 series VPAPs if that would be of any interest to you. I have not seen any service manuals for the S9 series ar later and I do not remember where I got this from.

Best Regards,


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Thanks for your advice- will plug the card in the computer and see what the
sleepyhead says. Still suspect a seal, maybe the seal on the humidifier lid.
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A leaking seal would not cause the pressure to spike, unless it appeared to the machine as a breathing problem (i.e. it f sounded like snoring). I think you would notice something like that long before the pressure went up. A leaking seal would make the machine increase the flow to compensate, but it would not show a pressure increase.
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reading the OP... You ran the S9 when the H5i tank had broken snaps?
The water level mark is near the top of the metal bottom.

If you did, my guess is water splashed back into the blower outlet where the pressure and flow sensors are located.
If so, the machine is running open loop.
And, the machine is toast.

Try this: Remove tank. Depress latch on back of machine; and separate S9 blower from H5i.
Hook up a plain 22mm hose to the blower and sleep one night without humidity.
If the pressure still runs up above the set pressure, the blower unit is fried.

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millman, if you wind up getting to the point of having to decide between repairing or replacing your S9, this may be of some help. Early this year, my S9 Autoset went in to ResMed's repair facility in San Diego. When it came back, it appears that I had a new machine inside the old case. They had to replace the main PCB, the blower motor and chassis as well as provide a new power cord and 90 watt power adapter. With an hour's labor (they also cleaned out moisture and lots of dust inside), the bill came to $272, which was lower than I expected.
I had taken the broken machine to my DME, and they arranged the repair trip and shipping.

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