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questions about resmed s9 vs s10
(08-26-2015, 08:53 AM)Nytro_Mike Wrote: If I can get settings from my s10 can you help me set it up? I am hoping to avoid bringing it in to have it done.

With the Airsense 10 autoset you get into the 'clinician' manual by holding down the Home key and the round button together for about five seconds or so. From there you can change anything that can be changed. Be careful since with all that power in your hands you can easily muck things up. First thing to do is to get the clock running at the right time.
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I have been into the clinicians menu but am having a little problem interpreting some of the settings that I will need for the s9
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Your A10 is an auto CPAP whilst your S9 is a VPAP. There will be differences in aligning the settings between the two. I would suggest ascertaining your optimum titration level from your A10 and setting the VPAP to straight CPAP until you can work with a bilevel machine. I have tried a BiPAP just to see what it is like and find it more difficult to adjust to than auto CPAP.
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Here are the settings that you need for your S9 VPAP Auto in order to make it pretty much emulate your A10 Autoset.

Set your min EPAP to the min pressure on your A10
Set your max IPAP to the max pressure on your A10
Set the pressure support (PS) to 3.0 that will emulate the A10 with EPR=3
Ti max should be set to 2.0 (default)
Ti min should be set to 0.3 (default)
Set Trigger and Cycle to med. which is the default

The rest of your settings you should be able to get from your A10

That should get you started .

Best Regards,


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Well a little update , I went in to see my Dme for my simplus leaking as I haven't been able to get a good seal with my beard, she with a new prescription from my doctor swapped me to an eason nasal mask. So I figured I would have her setup the s9 I bought, well after looking it over she didn't feel it could properly be set it up like my s10, so after weighing my options she offered to trade it even for an auto set s9 which offered everything I needed, she spotted me a free sd card for it as well as a free chin strap and gave me my simplus back too which I can seal with a little work, I bought a new heated slimline as well so basically setup with second complete unit for $165.00 and she also threw in a new reservoir, I am very happy with the way they helped me outSmile
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(09-02-2015, 04:15 PM)Nytro_Mike Wrote: Well a little update , I went in to see my Dme for my simplus leaking as I haven't been able to get a good seal with my beard, she with a new prescription from my doctor swapped me to an eason nasal mask.
Nasal pillows masks works well with beards ... just a thought

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(08-25-2015, 06:55 AM)DeepBreathing Wrote: An ordinary non-heated hose, either slimline or regular, will fit both machines. I believe the heated hoses are not compatible between machines.

Importantly, what model of AirSense and what model S9 do you have? There is a very wide range of models (especially in the S9) and the two machines you have may not be equally suitable for you.

That's correct. An unheated hose just has a round rubber fitting that works on either machine. The electrical connector on the S9 is different from the A10 so the ClimateLine heated hoses are not interchangeable.

Another annoyance is the power connector is different between the two machines. I have 12v to 24v DC-DC converters for both machines.

Hopefully, the S9 and A10 both say "AutoSet" on them. On an S9, it is near the dial. On an A10, it is front/bottom/right next to the humidifier tank.

I have both machines. For my settings, they are functionally identical. With the same settings, I see the same results. The A10 is a bit more compact if I stuff it in my roll-aboard without the case. The A10 has an internal cellular data modem so you can see your high level results from a ResMed web interface.
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(08-24-2015, 03:28 PM)Nytro_Mike Wrote: Hi everyone, I just started therapy 20 days ago and am having great luck getting adjusted to everything, sleeping way more than ever and energy is through the roof in comparison. I own a second home at the other end of my state so rather than carrying my s10 and take the chance of breaking something I bought an s9 for up there and would like to know if the slimline from the s10 will fit the s9, I will continue to bring the mask until I buy a second mask for up there and hope the line will work. I bought the s9 for $100, I think I got a good dealDont-know

That is a great deal on a S9 but unfortunately the climate line tube is different between the two machine but they are fairly cheap. You should be able to get one for around $22 to 25 dollars from one of the online CPAP retailers. Great Buy on the S9!
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