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rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
I have been on my CPAP machine and my AHI level is reduced to least than 5 per hour.  I noticed that all come at about 2 to 3 AM.  I used an O2 meter and I noticed that I get one case most every night where my O2 level goes from 93 to 65% in a few seconds and stays that way for 20 to 40 seconds.  I think this is when I wake up at night.  My pulse rate goes from 60 to 120 during this period also.  I tried holding my breath with the O2 meter for 20 to 30 seconds but my O2 level never drops.  What would cause the O2 level to drop so quickly?  My whole body must be sucking up O2 for some reason.  I do not believe this could be caused by not breathing since holding my breath does not have this effect.  I can post a jpg of the O2 chart if necessary.
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RE: rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
Hi Jeffmc  - Welcome to the Forum!
Your comparison of not breathing during a sleep cycle and holding your breath is akin to the apples and oranges scenario. You normally take a deep breath before you hold it, whereas during sleep you don't inhale after an exhale.  If your AS10 is a data capable model, I highly recommend that you install SleepyHead to get a more detailed snapshot of your sleep cycle.  Here is a list models that support detailed data collection:

List of AS10's with data capabilities:
  • AirSense 10 AutoSet
  • AirSense 10 AutoSet for Her
  • AirSense 10 Elite
Non data capability - AirSense 10 CPAP

Also make sure it has a SD card.  Many of the newer units are being supplied without one.

Good luck!
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RE: rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
I would ask you to compare your cpap data to your oxygen and heart rate. is there any activity at the same time on both machines ?

If yes I would be very much wanting my doctor to know about it. Low oxygen even for a short time is nothing to put off.

If no then I would be wanting to find out why not.

Maybe another member has an answer, I would like to know also.

Please keep us informed. Thanks

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RE: rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
Sorry, I did not enter all the data I have.  With the CPAP, I noticed that I was waking up at about 1 hour, 3 hours and again around 2 to 3 AM.  I looked at the summary data and I was having 5 or so AHI per hour which the Doc said was really good.  But looking at the detailed info, I noticed that most of the AHIs were in the 2 to 3 AM range and it lasted about 30 minutes.  If I slept for 8 hours with 5 AHI per hour, the total number would be 40 happening in 30 minutes.  This is the original 80 per hour I was having before.  We did cure a lot of the other AHIs but I seem to be waking during REM sleep most every night.  The O2 level is the most concern of mine.  It probably would not matter if I did not breathe if my O2 level did not drop. Big Grin  

I plan to call a new doc so see if they can help.  My original doc is an ENT and has helped with the air movement part of the problem but I would like to get so more REM sleep and sleep most of the night.

I have the ResMed software and it seems to tell me the detailed data.  My present doc does not know and does not want to learn any software.  Hence the search for a new doc.

I have the AirSense 10 Auto and it has a 8 GB card.  Can it take a larger card to hold more days of detailed data?  I currently get 7 days of data before it overwrites data.  So I download every Sunday so I can build a database of more info.

Has anyone had experience getting Medicare to pay for the O2 meter on this CPAP machine.  It seems like this would be a no brainer to get.
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RE: rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
Jeffmc, there is probably a way to tell the ResMed software to retain all data; the machine is not erasing it. I use the SleepyHead software; my original 2GB SD card has at least a year and a half of data on it and is not full (but nearly, so I started a new one). Or perhaps the ResScan software is only displaying one week's worth of data. Try SleepyHead, you'll like it.
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RE: rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
Hi Jeffmc,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hopefully, you will find a doc that will listen to your concerns.
Hang in there for more responses to your post and good luck to you with CPAP therapy.
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RE: rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
How is the comparison of the cpap data and the oxygen data ?

How do you feel when you wake ?

Please get and set up Sleepyhead it is easy to work with and gives lots of information, it gives you a place to make notes for each day, you can add your oxygen data to the charts with some meters, it is just the best thing for us.

I use a SD card with built in wifi that makes looking at the cpap data easy, no more removing the card every day. Search this forum for the information.

I have only had one doctor who would look at the Sleepyhead information. It is my guess that they only want info from the makers of the machine, it's a lawyer thing. But if I tell them what I see they are more likely to listen.

Lastly do not give up, we all want to see you find and fix you problem and when you do we want to know about it.

Thanks for joining the forum we all want to Sleep-well

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RE: rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
post your chart. also zoom in on the times that there us an o2 drop. more than likely it will be obstructive and you need more minimum pressure and make sure the maximum pressure still has room to move. when you use an o2 meter, you will soon realise how dumb the machines are. they will miss true drops and mark things that are fine.
mask fit http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
For auto-cpap, from machine data or software. You can set the min pressure 1cm below 95%. Or clinicians commonly use the maximum pressure or 95% for fixed pressure CPAP
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RE: rapid drop in O2 while sleeping
it is also possible that the oximeter that you are using has intermittent issues with proper recording.  we assume that this has been repeated, like you have another night where a similar thing occurred for some period maybe not as long.

anxious to see your readings.

[by the way, I do believe the oximeter was reading right, only because of the high heart rate suggesting respiratory distress.]

re-reading my post, I will point out one more thing.  I believe hyperventilation can cause cataclysmic drop in blood oxygen, and hyperventilation seems to fit your situation explaining the distress.  Given that you say you are waking *during REM, versus at the end of REM.  Do you ever feel panicky as you are waking, have a feeling like the tiger that was chasing you is still near you, and/or feel like you cannot move?  If yes, that would seal it for me - certainly would put you in a hyperventilation setting. 

Dedicated to QALity sleep.
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