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sinus discomfort and ignorance
I just started reusing my cpac. I quit before because it caused a severe and pretty continuous nasal dranage. When I wake up or at night while it is in use my nose feels like it is has been pushed back , as if by a jab to my nose. I think it is working since I don't wake up often at night. It appears to be set on 7.o cmh2o. The screen reads 1544.5 and when i put the memory card in it shows 79 for a moment and then the 1544.5. Absolutely none of this was explaned to my by the young lady who gave me the machine.However, she was really cute! I am asking if there is an explanation for the sinus issue and the nose discomfort as well as an explanation of the numbers and if there is any significance.
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It is a well know fact, that if we are attracted to the beauty of the opposite sex, it will cause our nose to run..(just kidding)

I think that you should elaborate a bit about your post. How long have you been dianosed with sleep apnea? Is the pressure of 7, what a sleep doctor prescribed for you?. I'm only guessing that the number of 1544 is number of the blower or useage hours. I don;t have any idea as to the 79 meaning.

From what you describe as pressure or a jab at your nose, then I believe that you are wearing the straps to the mask/pillows to tight. It isn't necessary to have the mask too tight. The tightness of the mask shouldn;t have any bearing on the nasal drainage. I think you probably need to lower the humidifier setting to about 1 or 2, if indeed you are using the humidifier.
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Welcome to the forum. We are glad you joined us!!! Welcome

It does sound like your nasal pillows may be too tight to give you the pain which you describe.

If it were me, I would get with the DME and try a different type of mask to see if you have better results.

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Hi mjk, First, Welcome! to the forum.! You might have the straps to your mask too tight and because of that it's causing the pillows to push back, causing you pain. If you are using your humidifier, you might want to turn it back a notch or two and see if that helps with the sinus drainage. Good luck to you.
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I would suggest try a nasal mask as the pressure might not feel as intense as in nasal pillows mask bc using nasal pillows the pressure goes straight into the nostril while using nasal mask the air first fill the mask cushion and then you breathe at your own rhythm Thinking-about
A chinstrap help if you find yourself mouth breathing and to keep mouth closed. I find sinus washes help with sinus discomfort and congestion.
Your machine report efficacy data as shown in the guide
You can ask for the clinical manual if you don,t have it (scroll down to section two)
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Well I just can't add too much more to what has already been said. I have a problem with chronic post nasal drip and it can be a real problem with the PAP. If I am stuffy I take an Alavert and it helps to settle down the sinuses a bit. Nasal lavage works well also. Sometimes I don't catch it in time and I spend half the next morning hacking up a lung. Not real sexy!
The straps of your mask should be fairly lose. if they are too tight this can lead not only to discomfort, but to leaks as well. I use nasal pillows (Swift LT or LX or dang...I always forget!) and they are designed in such a way that there is like an inner and outer shell. This way the outer shell seals against the edge of the nostril while the inner shell delivers pressurized air. If it is too tight you compromise the integrity of the seal. See if you can find a video for your mask on UTube and maybe it will be a less hot chick and you can learn all about it! Dielaughing
As always, YMMV! You do not have to agree or disagree, I am not a professional so my mental meanderings are simply recollections of things from my own life.

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If you have the Swift FX, you will find that you have a plastic strap that goes over the top of your head. Be sure that strap isn't too tight. If it is, your nose will feel pushed in. It should be tight enough so that the other set of straps that go around the back of your head just clear the back of your ears, so they don't rub there. Once that top of the head strap is adjusted, you should never need to tighten it. If you should need to make adjustments for leaks, only adjust the elastic straps that go across your cheeks and attach behind your head. Those straps should be tight enough to not leak, but never so tight as to leave marks on your face. Error on having slightly too loose straps rather than too tight.

If you are getting leaks and your nose is still uncomfortable, try a smaller size pillow. (I actually recently swithed to a smaller pillow and was surprised at how much more comfortable my nose was, and surprisingly the leaks decreased.) If your nose wasn't bothering you, and you were getting leaks, I would suggest trying a larger pillow. In any case, don't be afraid to experiment.

One other trick is to use a chin strap, to help keep the pillow straps in place on your face, even though you may not need it for mouth breathing. With the chin strap, you can keep the pillow straps a bit looser, and the chin strap keeps the looser pillow straps from moving. Test the integrity of your fit for leaks, by turning from side to side while laying down.

Once you have the right pillow size and fit, you may find that your nose runs less. If it doesn't, turn off the humidity, to see if that fixes the problem.
If it does, but now your nose is dry, then step up the humidity gradually. I find that my nose will run if the humidity is set beyond my humidifier's lowest setting. Most nights, I can turn the humidifer completely off and my nose feels fine. If none of this works, you may have to try a nasal mask, as others have suggested.
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