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sleep study: sleeping position
I am getting my 4th sleep study September 1. I wanted opinions as to whether there is any agenda by the techs or doctors that we should be sleeping on our backs during the study, or is it OK to sleep on either side if we can?

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I was allowed to sleep in any position I felt comfy, although I didn't sleep much. Sad

I get the impression that sleep centers operate differently, depending on where you live.

It wouldn't hurt to call the sleep center ahead of time and talk to someone about your concerns, this way you will know what to expect.

Good luck storywizard!
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I have seen sleep reports record sleep position, and there is an objective to observe supine sleep position for at least part of the study, since that seems to be most closely associated with OSA. Some studies may request you to sleep on your back, others seem to accept whatever sleep position you present that works for you. Different clinics have different approaches. You can probably call yours to ask.
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(08-17-2016, 10:34 AM)storywizard Wrote: I am getting my 4th sleep study September 1. I wanted opinions as to whether there is any agenda by the techs or doctors that we should be sleeping on our backs during the study, or is it OK to sleep on either side if we can?


Your 4th sleep study! How long have you been on CPAP? I have had one split sleep study and a titration and I have been on CPAP for about 5 years. My sleep study showed that I have less obstructive apnea if I sleep on my left side than on my back or my right side.

I would think that if you can't sleep on your back they would let you sleep on your side after trying to sleep on your back for a while.

Best Regards,

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Hi storywizard,
Good luck to you at your sleep study.
At one of my studies, the tech didn't want me to sleep too long on my back, but he really had a problem with me sleeping on my stomach, he told me that if I did, he would come in and get me to change positions.
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Thanks for the replies...
think I will call the lab just to get an idea...

re how long have I been on CPAP:
I have been trying to make CPAP work for 2 years now, this is my 3rd time trying.
New sleep doc, who is fantastic, wants to start from a fresh study, just to see where I am now...

Was in at my dentist today, he described the delights of dental appliances, they sound horrible, but if they work I guess its OK...but I don't think I will be going there...

Well I will keep on singing and breathing....

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Storywizard, is this a titration study, or without PAP?
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hi there...
I believe this is without PAP...but I will clarify this tomorrow when I call the lab...
from what my doc was saying it will be without...

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I'm of the opinion 98% of the population would be deemed to have sleep apnoea if tested when lying on their back.

Even if you are lucky enough to be able to sleep on your side for the test all the wiring and stuff connected to you makes you tend to spend quite a bit of time sleeping on your back.

I am a side sleeper and don't snore.. force me to sleep on my back [as I ended up doing for both of my tests, one of which actually had the monitoring machine strapped to my chest, guaranteed fail for me] and you will think a Hercules cargo plane is about to land in the room.

Subsequently I've been deemed to have sleep apnoea.
But if I could have the tests done without all the wires and garbage attached to me, and in a normal bed... I doubt they would have found the same result.

I agree that SA is definitely a health problem for some people, but I think the level they claim for sleep apnoea as a risk factor is way too low.
Given the costs involved in diagnosis and CPAP equipment, I'm sure some of it is "Gravy Train" by the medical profession and equipment suppliers

Good luck getting it all sorted out... whatever anyone else's opinions are, you need to be happy and confident that you are getting the correct results for your true medical needs so that you can manage your health now and in to the future.
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