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sleepyhead not displaying every charts every day.
RE: sleepyhead not displaying every charts every day.
(10-31-2017, 12:44 PM)rpinpv Wrote: It runs the same with the broken GL as well as the normal version on this one computer.   It was working fine for months, than about a week ago it stopped displaying the charts.  I get the summery data so I can tell the AHI and number of sleep sessions,  but it will not display charts.   The same SD card runs and displays charts on a different computer in both versions, normal and broken GL.   That second computer runs both Win 10 and Linux as dual boot, and the software works on both OS.

I have a near new AirSense 10 and the 'Summary Data - no Charts' problem cropped up on me last night.  I'm running 64 bit Windows 10.  The first thing I did was Google the problem which listed several separate threads in this forum addressing that issue.  One by one I tried ever suggestion from unplugging the machine for several minutes to rebuilding the data to running Sleepyhead with the broken GL executable.  For future reference, when the no Charts/Summary Data Only message appears there isn't any charts option available in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Clicking on the little arrow there does zip.  

I have a USB SD card reader so was able to move it from one of my systems to the other (also running 64 bit Win 10).  Unlike your situation I got the Summary Data Only response there as well. But I happened to notice that the data on the left side of the window was displaying a bit differently on the second system.  One of the sessions from a nap I'd taken earlier in the day was absent.   That told me that either the 8 gig SD card that came with the AirSense had gone south or that the card reader was malfunctioning.  Given that I had been very careful removing the SD card from my system each and every time I tended to think it might be the ten plus year old SD card reader that was at fault.

Also considered that the USB port I had been using on my main system might have developed its own issues. So I tried the reader in a different USB port with the same result.

Ultimately I was able to resolve the problem by trying a different SD card, a 16 gig card with similar rating.  Voila! Problem solved!

Once I realized that my original SD card had gone sideways I reformatted it, reinserted it into the machine and gave it a test run - success again! 

At this point I'm convinced that the Summary Data Only problem is most often due to either a 'broken' card or 'broken' card reader.  At least that was the issue with my system.  The one thing I haven't been doing as I manually pulled and reinserted the SD card was flipping the write protect button.  I'm only guessing that this might have been what created the vulnerability that ultimately led to my card failing to read properly.  However it could have been due to the multitude of times I've manually moved it from CPAP machine to computer.  Hard to say.

At any rate?  Try switching your card for a known good substitute and see if the problem goes away.  Can't hurt.

If it does? Problem solved.

Hope this helps.

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RE: sleepyhead not displaying every charts every day.
This is not an emulated version of windows.  It is win10 running just fine.   I am still having the problem.   The sd card is working as I have two other computers which run sleepyhead and display the charts just fine.   It is just this one PC which I use while traveling.   The program will show charts every so often, and than not at all.  It is very frustrating.
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RE: sleepyhead not displaying every charts every day.
This is a great reply.  Thanks.     

I have tried everything you mentioned and a few others as well.   One of the first things I did was to get a new 32G SD card and that worked for a few days, than it went back to summery data only.    The new card worked fine on the other PC's I have.   It id just this one where the program is intermittent.   I am pretty much giving up on it.  I will use one of the other laptops for sleepyhead from now on.
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RE: sleepyhead not displaying every chart every day.
(10-28-2017, 07:41 PM)rpinpv Wrote: The video drivers are Nvideo Gforce 650M.

There is a new driver just released yesterday for this video card. I can't link the site but you can go to the geforce web site, click drivers and either have it auto download the driver or search on your card and update that way. Don't go through windows update.

Using FlashAir W-03 SD card in machine. Access through wifi with FlashPAP or Sleep Master utilities.

I wanted to learn Binary so I enrolled in Binary 101. I seemed to have missed the first four courses. Big Grinnie

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RE: sleepyhead not displaying every charts every day.
I have been having this same 'Summary Data - no Charts' problem as mentioned above. I have a new AirSense 10 and sometimes chart data shows and sometimes it doesn't. I do everything the same, take the card out before noon (first thing in the morning) put it in the computer, import data, put back in my machine. About twice a week I get the 'Summary Data - no Charts' error. It is frustrating because for one I can't see my data and for 2 it messes with my weekly - monthly - yearly stats. I have it on autoset and am trying to see comparison for miniumum max pressure. On the days it only does summary it puts the set pressures as min and max instead of actual pressures.
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