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so hard to get a good coffee
(09-19-2013, 10:05 PM)jgjones1972 Wrote: but at least we don't dip fries in mayonnaise or listen to David Hasselhoff music
Big Grin

So now you're disrespecting French Canadians? Wink
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(09-20-2013, 05:58 AM)DocWils Wrote:
(09-19-2013, 10:05 PM)jgjones1972 Wrote: but at least we don't dip fries in mayonnaise or listen to David Hasselhoff music
Big Grin

So now you're disrespecting French Canadians? Wink

I had no idea David Hesselhoff was French Canadian!
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Yeah, I don't much care for Starbutt's coffee either. Just the coffee - not the coffee "drinks". Those just ooze pretension. I order a large coffee, black, to go, no lid. Not a mocca choka venti pimpi grande flip flappergy with froth. Their roast is too burned. And WAY overpriced. For my taste. YMMV

Costco house brand (Kirkland's) beans are currently labeled as roasted by Starbutt's - I buy it because it is cheap - not necessarily real good. Favorite staple in coffee beans was 8 O'Clock coffee (the old A&P brand - now done by Green Mountain Roasters (?)) but supply at local Sam's was spotty. Sometimes Community Coffee, being from LA originally.

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Growing up in New England I always liked Dunkies for the out and about coffee. Around us, McDonald's coffee is pretty drinkable. You can still find A & P (we have several chains here in AZ that carry it) and you can always find it online including Green Mountain. Kirkland's is good for a cheap coffee and I also use their Pacific Roast in my Keurig. Being retired military, if it is a hot dark liquid with caffeine, it is drinkable. Too-funny

BTW, still take my coffee, straight from the pot with no additives (except alcohol on occasion)

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(09-15-2013, 05:23 PM)Paptillian Wrote: Does no one know what the heck COFFEE is supposed to look like before they sell it for $3!?

Okay, that's all. Coffee I feel better now.

I buy beans, grind them at home and make real coffee with real half&half. 8-)

Now I'm spoiled and won't drink it when I'm out, except at some diners.

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<shrug> What can I say? Every office in the hospital has their own Espresso or Cappuccino machine, many of them professional quality (so do a lot of homes here), and at home I grind the beans myself and use a Pression system (blame the French in me for that) for the rare time that I will drink caffeine in the evening, while the Loyal Leader of the Opposition prefers a Bialetti Moka Pot method (Italian and Swiss German, what a mix!). I have been known to enjoy Lavazza, but mostly I go to a an importer in the old city and mix my own beans to produce the blend I prefer. I keep a bag of beans in my fridge at work as well for the odd pick-me up (never before surgery - don't need the jitters). Mostly, though, these days (as stated earlier) I tend to avoid caffeine which makes me far more sensitive to it when I do have it. Same with sugar or chocolate....

The English speaking world produces brown water, for the most part, IMHO and will continue to do so until they can learn to do a proper brew up. Hey, we're coffee snobs here, being at the crossroads between the Italian, French, Austrian and German worlds here...
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I definitely agree about the coffee snobs part. You guys still do not seem to have tumbled to the coffee making method that is the most flavorful. First you grind the beans coarsely in order to lose as little of the flavo(u)r as possible due to heat build up during grinding. Then you cold brew the coffee for 2 days to get the maximum flavor. One loses less of the aromatic flavor that is being extracted. I have also enjoyed good Greek coffee too.

Frankly, I think putting milk or cream and/or sugar in good coffee is criminal. If you want coffee candy go to a confectioner. Just my thoughts.
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The first time I ever made a business trip back east I wandered into a donut shop and asked for a cup of coffee. "Regular coffee?" she asked me. "Yes" I said, figuring that regular coffee would be just that. Coffee and water. I got my cup of coffee, in a cup with a lid and a straw thing. One sip and the milk and sugar coffee flavored beverage almost made me ---- less than happy. Regular coffee should not be a mixture of milk and sugar, with coffee flavoring. It's just not right.

Now, as to what one does to have an acceptable cup of coffee? I start with a blend of two, sometimes three, varieties of green coffee beans from Indonesia and Africa. Those I will roast until they are quite shiny, but the oils have not quite come out and burned off. Then I will roast a nice Central or South American, such as Guatemalan, or some of the Ecuador's --- never Brazil or Colombian. Until they are just beginning to shine. The two roast batches will be mixed together and allowed to rest for 24 hours. Then they will be enjoyed as a cup of pressure brewed coffee from one of my coffee machines. Or, as an Espresso from one of those machines.
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Cold brewing is great, but who has time?
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Doesn't take much time. Just have to plan ahead.
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