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so this is "treated"
I've been on cpap for about two weeks now and am figuring some of the mechanical things out, like where to put the hose, how to keep my mouth from leaking, how to fuss with nasal pillow slippage in the middle of the night  without waking my wife, etc. No real problems there that I won't be able to work out. My question is about my AHI and the official definition of apnea being "treated" at an AHI of less than 5. In 13 nights I've only had an AHI over 5 three times (I know I'm really fortunate compared to lots of you) but I sure don't feel that this is an acceptable level of "treated". Last night, for instance, in 7 hours of being in bed, I had, between o130 and 0530, 27 events (20 CA 2 H and 5 OA) was out of bed twice adjusting stuff, and woke up 4 0r 5 other times. I don't feel too bad this morning, but I don't like to think that doctors would consider that an acceptable level of treatment or an acceptable way to spend my nights.

What are other people's opinions on that?
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Show me the data.
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Leemax,  did CA, Central Apnea show during your sleep study?

Most of your events are CA,  That is a tread lightly flag.  If so PLEASE state that in every thread you start, or better add it to your signature.  I haven't looked but if you do for sure all your posts should be in "Your" (single) thread.  That keeps this history together.  

and like Sleeprider stated, please post your data.
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Those Clear Airway events could signal complex apnea - a mixture of both central (the brain doesn't kick you to breathe) and obstructive (the air can't get into the lungs due to blockages) events.
Please organize your SleeyHead screenshots like this.
I'm an epidemiologist, not a medical provider. 
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One year today and saw my PCP (prescribing care person Rolleyes) and asked if I was doing every thing right. 

"Treated" means you are more alert, less sleepy, feel better, more awake, and all those things that you were trying to overcome. Some of my best sleep yielded my worst numbers and vice versa. 

Last week AHI less than 1, but last night was the first time I slept 6 continuous hours and AHI 2.4. 

For me progress was slow but continuous. Sometimes it takes time but it pays off over time.
Dont-know  I am an accountant so any advice given here is not medical. If I give any financial advice, you can take it to the bank. However, you will have a hard time cashing it in. Okay
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Yep, slow but continuous.  The body takes time to heal.  CPAP is not (usually) instant.  I am a year in and my sleep patterns and AHI have varied.  Sleep patterns a LOT.  I like to see my AHI under 2 and preferably under 1 most nights, but I don't stress if it is not.  Attention to sleep hygiene is also very important.  I am still trying to convince myself of that.  Grin
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Thanks, all. I think I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself and that I just need to get a few more weeks under my belt and see how things are going then. I would post a screenshot or two but for some reason I haven't been able to get Imgur to cooperate. It's something I'm doing wrong, I'm sure, but I haven't spent the time to figure out what the deal is. I looked at Jason's video where he shows why a lot of CAs really aren't CAs at all. When I looked back over my Sleepyhead graphs there were a number of those, but also many places with wonderfully consistent breathing patterns until they faded into an apnea, then did the same thing 15 or 20 seconds later, and so on. There was also definite periodic breathing going on between those particular events. Anyhow, I will let a little more time go by and see how things go. I'll also get the Imgur business sorted out and past a screenshot or two.
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