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[split] F&P Brevida [An excellent alternative to the ResMed P10]
RE: [split] F&P Brevida [An excellent alternative to the ResMed P10]
(03-16-2019, 04:16 PM)sheepless Wrote: sorry, to be a johnny come lately to this discussion.  I've been away for a while.

what's the serious design problem with the p10?

they tried half dozen masks on me for overnight titration 2.5 years ago. none worked with full beard/mustache except p10. I've haven't looked back since.  works great for me, never leaks even up to almost 25cm on asv.  mine are all lip leaks, mitigated (mostly) by wearing a soft cervical collar.  still using original hose, mask frame, and headgear/strap and have 3 medium pillows that I rotate through periodically.

but if there's some kind of recall-worthy design flaw (a health issue?), I'd like to learn more.  an explanation or a link would be great.  thanks.

Here is the link to the relevant thread. http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-...YPERCAPNIA
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RE: [split] F&P Brevida [An excellent alternative to the ResMed P10]
well that's an eye opener. thanks for the link ghce.
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RE: [split] F&P Brevida [An excellent alternative to the ResMed P10]
I will be switching to the Brevida, high levels of CO2 long term seem to be a medical unknown but given the very fast way in which elevated of levels of CO2 can cause fatality it would be unwise to continue usage of a P10 without genuine independent testing.
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RE: [split] F&P Brevida [An excellent alternative to the ResMed P10]
(03-16-2019, 06:16 PM)sheepless Wrote: I've read here and elsewhere conflicting reports about brevida with mustaches and it seems that options are otherwise limited for we hairy face guys.  guess the only way to know is to try.  meanwhile, I'd love to hear from more mustachio'd guys who've tried it.

My experience is in post #5 of this thread. YMMV.

You're probably OK using the Brevida with stubble or something at the John Waters or tango instructor end of the mustache spectrumOSCAR
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RE: [split] F&P Brevida [An excellent alternative to the ResMed P10]
(03-16-2019, 06:16 PM)sheepless Wrote: hmm.  thanks bonjour.  how would one know other than finding moisture in diffuser?  harder to exhale, mask leak on exhale, increased apnea, or go right to asphyxiation?  (I hope the latter is a joke.)  think I'll try that new frame I have lying around waiting for the old one to give up the ghost; see if there's a difference.

I stopped using the P10 because I could no longer keep my mouth closed throughout the night.  It started with just little peeps of air getting out my mouth, but eventually became full mouth wide open. 

I realize now that that could be because the vents had become slightly blocked.

I've since scrubbed the vents, and tried again, with only slight improvement (of being able to keep my mouth closed throughout the night).  Also of note, since I took the time to pay attention now, it seemed like one side had some decreased air flowing out of it.  Perhaps that could've been a clue.  Then again, the air flow out those vents has always (for me) been much less than any other mask... which I had always perceived as a perk, but perhaps is actually the crux.

I would like to try a brand new P10, to see if perhaps new ones would be more successful, and maybe I just need to replace them as frequently as insurance will allow it.

To test the mouth breathing, I tried a different nasal mask, and sure enough I kept my mouth closed all night long.  So... the problem is not my mouth, but rather the P10.
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RE: [split] F&P Brevida [An excellent alternative to the ResMed P10]
I have never been a mouth breather but I have found with the P10 that when I fall asleep without a chin strap that I become one.
Will be interesting to see if the Brevida will cure that issue, it does seem that increased levels of CO2 force the body to get less CO2 by what ever means and in this case mouth breathing.
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RE: [split] F&P Brevida [An excellent alternative to the ResMed P10]
this is all very interesting. like Hydrangea, I've found my lip leaks increasing. just in last 2 weeks despite trying different pillows (used, same size) and different (used) soft cervical collars. makes you wonder if after 2.5 years the exhalation port/diffuser is partially plugged even without being wet. and while I haven't noticed moisture in the diffuser, I have noticed for the first time, condensation on my mustache, also in the last 2 weeks. however, I did try a new For Her frame and strap last night and I still had lip leaks and mustache condensation. they aren't much more than an annoyance (dry mouth and they tend to wake me up), only occasionally over the red line. as far as i know they occur mostly supine, so I'm thinking/hoping that's a good sign that I'm sleeping longer and deeper. but that could be wishful thinking and I sure don't want to mess with carbon dioxide poisoning.

I only skimmed the hypercapnia link so far so feel free to send me back there to find the answer but do we know if that's the only known instance of this problem? one would expect (hope) resmed and in US the FDA or whoever it is that oversees durable medical equipment would respond if the problem is widespread. for 2.5 years I've been happy with the p10 so I'm not sure I'm up to trial-and-erroring other masks based on one report, even if well documented...
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