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[split] Mask Problem? (Changed from F30i to F20)
[split] Mask Problem? (Changed from F30i to F20)
I recently tried the F30i mask with my DeVilbiss Intelisence Auto and it is an unusable combination.  The 
f30i has vent holes at the elbow on the top, and on the front of the mouth mask section,  this causes the CPAP to sense this venting as a leak and adjust the pressure to compensate.  This causes the mask to over pressure my nose and mouth severely as well as increasing the noise from this mask.  If I could set the pressure manually and deactivate the leak correction it would work as well as older full face masks that also had large venting like the Quatro and F20.  I can't return this mask to the seller and my only hope is that I can get ahold of someone at Resmed.  I reverted to my standard F30, which works better and no false leak compensation, since this mask vents in a very conservative fashion.  The reason for even trying the F30i was because of seal leakage that occurs around the mask as I lose face puffy-ness during the night. I am not happy and may go back to the F20, which wasn't subject to the seal leakage as my face loses water during the night.

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RE: Do I Have A Mask Problem? (F30i)
I use the AirSense 10. I believe the 11 to be similar, meaning it has a "mask fit" feature which tests the mask seal at your highest pressure setting. To access it, set the main screen onto "My Options" by twisting using the big button on the front of the machine. Then click the big button to see a list of features under "My Options" and scroll down to "Run Mask Fit." Put the mask on and run the Mask Fit by pressing the big button. The machine should respond with a Green Face if mask fit is OK and a Red Face if not. If you get the red face, fiddle with the straps to get a better seal. Try to determine what part of the seal is leaking, as those would be the first straps to adjust. Note that straps can be too tight, which causes the seal to become distorted and leak. Although it may seem counter-intuitive, you may need to loosen the straps a bit to get a better seal. That's MAY, not for sure. Experimentation is in order.
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RE: Do I Have A Mask Problem? (F30i)
I have an AirSense full face mask, can’t remember the model number.  It’s the one with the hose connector on the front, not on top.

I fight similar leaks all around the edges.  What works for me:  1) straps will stretch over time, so consider tightening each strap about 1/8”.  2) I also believe that a buildup of skin oil causes a loss of a good seal.  After about 4 hrs or so, this seems to be a problem for me.  A warm washcloth on my face, and then a quick wipedown of the mask seal, and I end up leak free and able to get more uninterrupted sleep.

Of course there are also the time when those magnetic connectors come loose, but that’s a different problem.
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RE: Do I Have A Mask Problem? (F30i)
richwiller -- that is really interesting ("interesting" being the word you use to describe an ugly baby!) That is not at all the way these things are supposed to work.

I think you should start a new thread. The DeVilbiss has a pretty small share of the market, so there aren't gazillions of users out there noting every little thing, and that sounds like a pretty big thing. It might even be a defective mask in which case you might find others who see the same behavior with their similarly defective mask on a different brand machine. And if it's really a design flaw with how the mask functions you should contact ResMed about it. The mask is not just warranteed against defects, it is a prescription medical device and the reason it costs $100 for $2 worth of parts is that it is highly engineered. If it doesn't work with a particular model of approved blower then the manufacturer needs to know.
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