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[split] New member - Res-Med AirSense S10 CPAP or Autoset
[split] New member - Res-Med AirSense S10 CPAP or Autoset
I'm new to sleep apnea.  Just diagnosed.  Finally have a prescription.  Went to the therapist for my machine.  He steered me to the Resmed airsense 10 cpap not the autoset.  From what I have read the autoset machine is what I should have.  I had gone in thinking the dreamstation but he steered me to the resmed airsense 10 cpap without any mention to the autoset.  He presented the dreamstation not having all the bells and whistles of the airsense 10.  I should of done my homework.  Didn't know I was dealing with a car salesman.  My insurance is covering this and I should have the best machine.  My brother is happy with his dreamstation but what I see the resmed is a better machine but the autoset not cpap.  I would appreciate any advice.  I will return this tomorrow for what I hope is the autoset.
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RE: [split] New member - Res-Med AirSense S10 CPAP or Autoset
G'day BJ54. Welcome to Apnea Board. I've split your post out into its own thread so that you can get individual attention.

As I understand the American rules, the DME must provide what the doctor has prescribed, so check your prescription and ensure the DME has complied.  I also understand that the insurance companies pay out the same amount of money regardless of whether the machine is CPAP or APAP (Autoset). The DME makes a greater margin supplying a CPAP so there is a commercial incentive for them to give you the lowest cost machine.

As to which is better: The base model Resmed A10 CPAP doesn't record detailed data, just the minimum required to certify compliance. You definitely don't want that. The next model up is the Elite, which is a full data machine but only delivers a fixed pressure (in your case it would be set to 16 cm H2O). The Autoset and Autoset for Her are the top line machines. They are fully data capable and can adjust the pressure as needed within a pre-set range. This is very useful as your pressure needs are not constant but vary through the night and over time. The "For Her" also has an additional algorithm designed for female physiology (but a lot of men also use it). Of these machines, the Autoset (/for Her) is definitely the one you want, and if necessary you should get your doctor to amend the prescription accordingly.

Regarding Dreamstation v Resmed - it's like Ford v Chevy. Everybody has their favourite. I'm a Resmed person, as are many on this forum. I think the Resmed algorithms are more sophisticated than the Dreamstation's and they respond faster to events.

I notice your fixed pressure is 16 cm H2O which is reasonably high. The Autoset will typically run at a lower pressure and only build up to 16 when you need it.  However, some members have found that a bilevel machine is preferable at these pressures. If you need to go down that track, you will have a whole new bunch of bureaucracy to deal with.
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RE: [split] New member - Res-Med AirSense S10 CPAP or Autoset
My advice would be to get the data-capable ResMed Airsence 10 AutoSet (or the For Her variant of the same).

Should it turn out you do best on "straight pressure" (it happens) you can always run it in CPAP mode. Otherwise, the auto mode is an advancement in technology.

I would not be amused with the DME salesman in your position.

Let us know how it goes.

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RE: [split] New member - Res-Med AirSense S10 CPAP or Autoset
Thanks for that information.  I am now aware the DME is driven by the prescription.  I am unhappy that the therapist didn't explain why I was receiving the CPAP and didn't present anything about the other models.  I complained to the DME and asked...they told me why they gave me the CPAP....precription.  I asked for the autoset model...they are re-submitting for a range setting.  My point is the 16 was set during one sleep study.  It would be desirable to have the adjustable feature, also the detailed data.  If insurance is paying...might as well get Resmed's best hardware.
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RE: [split] New member - Res-Med AirSense S10 CPAP or Autoset
Your first experience with CPAP patient empowerment.  Its what drove many of us here to AB.  Welcome to the forum and keep on taking control of your therapy.


Happy Pappin'
Never Give In, Never Give Up

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RE: [split] New member - Res-Med AirSense S10 CPAP or Autoset
Thanks...lot of very useful information.  I have used forums for other stuff....shouldn't realized there was one for sleep apnea.  I just stumbled across this looking for information on autoset.
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RE: [split] New member - Res-Med AirSense S10 CPAP or Autoset
I would go for the Autoset, you can always change it to CPAP anyway.
I use the ResMed Airsense10 APAP and it was the best out of three machines I tested, though not a huge amount better, but I preferred it over the dreamstation but a small amount.
There is not a lot in the machines I tried, but the Airsense10 was nice and compact   It is more a personal choice, but try for the one you want, at the end of the day, you have to live with it.
Read what I had to say about them.
I am NOT a doctor.  I try to help, but do not take what I say as medical advice.

Every journey, however large or small starts with the first step.

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