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[split] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear questions
[split] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear questions
I have been trying to use the Dream wear mask for a few nights (newbie at this cpap business, have only managed to keep it on for 2 hours for 2 nights so far!) but I move around a lot and while I find it v. quiet while on my back, the side sleeping is near impossible. How does the the P10 compare? Or the Swift LT? Are these good for side sleepers too?
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RE: [split] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear questions
I used a large size P10 for about 3 months.

First I had a CPAP at fixed 18 cmH2O

While the P10's were comfortable, I just couldn't get them to perform at my pressure.

My sleep Dr. moved me specifically from a P10 to a DreamWear. I like the hose configuration of the P10 better than that of the Dreamwear, but I get better breathing using the Dreamwear than I ever got with the P10's.

I only sleep on my side, never ever on my back. I don't know why folks have a problem sleeping on their sides with the DreamWear, I just don't have any problems with it.

As for any other kind of mask, I've always used a nasal mask, but it caused dermatology problems on my face no matter what I did.

I didn't have any of those problems with either the P10 or the DreamWear.

Don't know if that helps you or not.
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RE: [split] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear questions
I can't speak to the Swift LT, but I have used the Swift FX in addition to the DreamWear and the P10's.

DreamWear: Great that the hose comes off the top of your head. Makes it easier to roll around in bed without getting tangled up. I found though being a side sleeper predominantly that every time I rolled over it would dislodge somewhat and require me adjusting it over the nose to get a better seal. So I guess it was causing me to somewhat wake up to do this.

Swift FX: I liked that it stayed on fairly well, but I got better AHI using the P10's...

P10's: Very popular with people who are not mouth breathers. Probably one of the least invasive or minimalist masks out there. Just have the hose dangling off where the mask rests on the underside of the nose. A lot of us figure out some way to hold the hose up somewhat to help lessen the tangling. I get my best AHI results using this mask and find it the most comfortable.

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RE: [split] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear questions
Could please ask what your mask setting is nasal or pillow?

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RE: [split] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear questions

I've used both the Swift FX nasal pillows and the P10 nasal pillows masks. I am predominantly a side sleeper and I do move around a fair amount in the night. I get very good seals from both masks and seldom have to do any kind of adjustment of the mask at night. I run my hose under the covers and I tend to "hug" my hose as though it were a large stuffed toy snake. That prevents me from getting tangled in my hose when I turn over in my sleep.

I find the pillows for the Swift FX more comfortable, but the headgear of the P10 more comfortable once it's stretched out so it doesn't feel too tight. (I use a FX "For Her" head gear, but I need the regular P10 "not For Her" headgear.) The P10's pillows rest on a hard plastic platform that sometimes digs in between my face and my bed pillow; that can occasionally dislodge them slightly. It can also be a bit uncomfortable if this happens when I'm awake. The Swift FX pillows are totally soft and squishy and I never have any problems with them dislodging because of hitting my bed pillow wrong.

The Swift FX exhaust venting is obnoxious. It feels like a jet engine's exhaust, but it's not too noisy unless it hits the bedcovers or my bed pillow. The P10's mesh vents are totally silent and are so diffuse that it's sometimes hard to tell the machine is on unless I lift the pillows off my nose.
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RE: [split] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear questions
I'm also a side sleeper and had used the P10s exclusively up until about a month ago when I trialed a Rio mask (pretty much a P10 knock off but with straps that can be adjusted unlike the P10 unless you get it with the clips). The P10s are the cats meow until the leak rate starts to creep up which is what happened with me. I thought at first it was because I was mouth breathing a lot but then I put on the Dreamwear mask again (which I had trialed last December) and saw that I was hardly ever mouth breathing and my leaks are almost non existent with the Dreamwear. On this second round for me with the Dreamwear I like it a lot better except for the vent out the front. It is noisier than the P10s for sure. I like the no tubing down the front.

The Dreamwear is specifically designed to allow for complete airflow through one side of the tubing (the tubing goes down both sides of your face to the cushion as you know) if the other side gets constricted while sleeping. So, if you are sleeping on your side and you constrict the airflow on one side the other side will compensate to continue your proper therapy. I'm confused as to why yours is coming off since the strap in the back is adjustable. Perhaps yours is too loose?

I would suggest you trial the P10s and try to adjust the straps on the Dreamwear.

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RE: [split] Phillips-Respironics DreamWear questions
I started out with the Dreamwear. I love that the hose comes out overhead, so no matter what you do it never gets tangled up and it was a comfortable mask. But I was constantly fighting leaks. I am a side sleeper. The air intake is part of the headgear so every time I rolled over my pillow moved the nasal cushion. It woke me up constantly. The vent is noisy too. The best fit was with the straps tighter than you would normally wear any mask. I commented on that to my DME rep and she said she is hearing that from most of her clients. This is a great mask for back sleepers.

Love, love, love the P10! My total leak rate has been just a hair above the intentional leak line. It is also super quiet. I throw the hose over my shoulder. When I change sides (whether I do it via my back or stomach) it just goes with me. The cushions are more stable if I keep the hose in a downward direction from the mask, rather than up or over the pillow.

I also tried the TAP PAP. I REALLY liked it. It was totally stable. I could sleep on my stomach and do calisthenics in bed (okay folks... get your mind out of the gutter...) and it didn't move. The hose comes off the top so it never gets tangled up. I thought the mouth piece would take some getting used to, but after about five minutes I forgot it was there. The pillows need some work, but they stayed sealed.

FYI, regarding the P10 headgear... The headgear for "him" and "her" are exactly the same size. The only difference (besides the color) is the size of the nasal cushions. For "her" comes with XS, S & M. For "him" comes in S, M & L. I have used a small or XS in all the masks I've tried. I wear a M in the P10.
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