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[split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
It likely is illegal for me to change your settings or you to change mine. It is IMHO acceptable for you to change your own settings.
The medical team must set your settings IAW your prescription. Your RT cannot change your prescription unless your doctor prescribes it. He can only set settings to what the doctor has prescribed, it is illegal for him to do otherwise.
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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
It is a violation of the Nuremberg Codes for any medical provider or researcher to perform medical procedures without the consent of the patient (or, as is applicable, the consent of a parent/guardian, the person with the medical power of attorney, a court order, etc.)

It's called the Nuremberg Codes because after World War II Nuremberg was where Mengele's team was put on trial, and where the gallows were erected.

Make sure you use the word "consent" when you put in writing that you do NOT consent.
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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
I agree that nobody should be able to change your settings without obtaining your consent, but I am equally alarmed that they would do this without consulting you, explaining WHY the changes were necessary, when they would be effected and only then asking for your permission.

This is outrageous. Then again, in the current climate where ordinary people are treated like dumb herd animals, I shouldn't be surprised.
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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
This often occurs because YOU changed your settings to something the doctor did not prescribe. They are only setting it to the prescription settings. In fact they can only change it to your prescription settings. It is not uncommon for them to say don't. Change the settings because it may kill you. IMHO BS. I do not recommend shotgunning your settings, try this, try that, and with no knowledge behind your settings, but a logical and methodical approach is never a problem.

Do tell them they can advise you on setting changes and explain the reasoning for them but you do not consent to their changing your settings without your consent
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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
(12-21-2021, 12:55 PM)stevekuk Wrote: I don't know if this is the right thread BUT -  VERY ANNOYING - Respiratory Therapist from provider RESET MY PRESSURE SETTINGS REMOTELY.  Big Brother is here...  Can't do airplane mode - or not in compliance....    -S   Big Grin

Just checked.  You are in Arizona....many of us that respond here are in different countries.

I am Canadian.  I was given a referral to a new sleep doc by my new family doc when I moved to the Toronto area a long time ago.

The sleep doc was a gent. Yeah sure.

He said if I wasn't compliant he would pull my driver's license.  
Furthermore, he said if I changed the pressure on my machine I was guilty of practicing medicine without a license.

Ontario Canada.  Who knows what's normal in Quebec...I sure don't.  Their justice system presumes guilt until proven innocent I was told. 

I am just saying that every country is different. 

I appreciate your post. I have a 15 months old S10; I won't get an S11 if this happens to others. If I buy another machine I'll buy a used one, and modify it so they can't check.

MyDME Supplier has checked my machine. They haven't been a problem for me.  My prescription is for a CPAP/13 cm.
I'm using it as an APAP and it's set up that way.
compliant for 35 years /// Still learning!

ResMed N20; ResMed P30i modified headgear; F&P Evora Full FFM

I'm just a cpap user like you. I don't give medical advice. Seek the advice of a physician before seeking treatment for medical conditions including sleep apnea. Sleep-well

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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
Just got the ResMed Airsense 11.  I am not in monitoring -- no request from the doctor for compliance nor monitoring.  Did not want remote monitoring activated, but the vendor has activated it.  Is there a way I can totally switch of the Remote monitoring and setup option.

I have been on CPAP for many many years and I can do the monitoring myself.

Thank you
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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
Compliance monitoring is mostly for insurance, not the doctor.  If insurance is involved with the machine purchase or supplies, you will most likely need monitoring -- either via the cellular feature or by taking a data card to the doctor/dme.  

There are two ways to turn off the monitoring.  One is to put the machine into "Airplane Mode" via the menus.  That turns off the cellular modem, preventing any transmission, but the machine will "nag" you to turn it back on.  The other is to disassemble the machine and disconnect the cellular modem.  Google should find instructions if you want to go that way.
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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
I just got an email from where I got my machine that they had remotely changed my settings today. The only thing I can see they changed is my IPAP from 16 to 25 and my PS from 3 to 5. They left the EPAP at 9. They also wanted me to schedule an appointment to do an overnight oxygen monitor since I had desats on the sleep test.
I emailed them back and let them know that I had purchased my own O2 monitor and it is looking fine so I'm not scheduling anything with them. I then turned my settings back to where I had them and turned on airplane mode.
I paid for my machine outright so I couldn't care less about "compliance"...that's a nonissue for me.
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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
David, you need to tell them explicitly not to change your settings. That you will change your own settings if that is needed

Most likely they changed them to your doctor's prescription.

My doctor said that I had changed my settings, but obviously they are working and so she changed the prescription to match my settings.
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RE: [split] Provider Changed My Settings Remotely
Sometimes, verbal notice that you revoke any remote setting changes will be enough, other times it may need to be a written statement. I'd opt for a written statement regardless, as it should make it into your patient/customer file. In fact request that action as well in the statement.

Standard OSCAR Chart Order
Mask Primer
Dealing With A DME
Soft Cervical Collar Wiki
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