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[split] Rash on face due to SoClean
[split] Rash on face due to SoClean
Hello Fellow CPAP Users,


For several months, I developed some pretty irritating rashes around the bridge and sides of my nose ... exactly where my ESON nasal mask sits.   Initially, the rashes appeared in the lower outside of my nostrils.  They were red, sometimes broken and/or dry-skinned mini-lesions that often had a clear bubbling liquid oozing out, almost like a blister.  Often, just washing my face caused some of these rashes to bleed.   About a month after the side nasal rashes first showed up, the same thing began to happen on the bridge of my nose.  

At first, I thought perhaps, that I had developed an allergy to the mask’s silicone — OR, that my SoClean-2 wasn’t working properly and needed a new cartridge replacement (Which I changed).  Still, the rashes kept coming, becoming worse and obviously more noticeable as the weeks passed by.   

I’d already been seen my Dermatologist (a total of three appointments) who did a bacterial swab and a skin-scrape, both of which came back negative/inconclusive. In addition to seeing my Doctor, who wrote several Prescriptions for Ointments and Creams, I even tried OTC Neosporin, Cortisone, Vaseline and more.   NOTHING WORKED!  Not one of the above treatments worked to lessen this constant bout with all of these rashes, much less get rid of them altogether.  I was absolutely beside myself with frustration. 

Many times, I searched and scoured the Internet for answers to this ongoing nightmare ... one that even a highly qualified Dermatologist couldn’t figure out.   I’d even gone through a stage of hand-washing my mask, cleaning the hose and humidifier tank — even replacing all of my CPAP components, but again, NOTHING WORKED. 

After several months, my wife (who originally bought a SoClean 2 for me) figured out that all of my nose-rash issues began right around the time I first started using the SoClean 2 machine.  Frankly, it never occurred to me that this problem could possibly be linked to a machine that’s supposed to totally remove something like 99% of all bacteria and thoroughly clean my CPAP Equipment.  During all of my Internet searches, I never thought of using a search-term that included “Nose Rash from SoClean“.   

And so, I conducted several new searches that included Nose Rash from SoClean, and other similar search-term phrases.   There were quite a few results, but one in particular really hit the nail on the head.   It was an entry from a woman who freely admitted and claimed that, while she had no tangible or written proof, her nasty nose rashes disappeared within a day or two of ceasing the use of her SoClean 2.   Something about OZONE being created by the SoClean oxygen cartridge being absorbed into her silicone mask.   

This woman’s description of her nose rashes were nearly identical to mine ... a virtual imprint of my ESON Nasal Mask, oozing rashes everywhere the silicone mask touched my nose and face.   

That’s when I decided to test it out and I stopped using my SoClean 2.  Within two days, every trace of these crusty and often painful rashes were COMPLETELY GONE!

I have no doubt whatsoever, that my rashes were caused by the SoClean 2.   And, thanks to this eye-opening discovery, I have since found many, MANY POSTS about PROBLEMATIC OZONE Issues with these So-Called SoClean CPAP Equipment Sanitizers.  

According to several related posts, IF you’re going to use a SoClean unit, you should use it only in the morning, and remove your CPAP Mask & Headgear from the machine right away ... supposedly and primarily to allow your Ozone-Permeated Mask to dissipate this harmful element — with FRESH AIR — during the course of the day.  

I can only hope that my story helps others, those who might be searching for Real Answers to this incredibly frustrating Nose Rash dilemma— which has also been a well-hidden problem by the Management over at SoClean — purposely kept from the mainstream Public.   Until NOW!
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RE: [split] Rash on face due to SoClean
No2SoClean, I split your post from the 2015 thread on rashes from CPAP masks to a new thread. It may be more helpful to members as a new thread.
Apnea Board Moderator

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RE: [split] Rash on face due to SoClean
Ummm...this is pretty anecdotal. I've never heard of this before. I used a Soclean daily for about thirteen years. No rashes. 

Maybe this is reported widely and I'm just unaware. However a VERY brief internet search turned up nothing.

It's fine to object to Soclean, as is prevalent on this forum. I hope the objections remain reasonable.
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RE: [split] Rash on face due to SoClean
Omg! Thank you for posting! I’m having the exact same issue and I’ve been struggling with it for over 6 months. I’ve seen the doctor 4 times for this issue and spent hundreds of dollars on ointments and creams and all kinds of otc and even cbd lotions and vitamins and supplements and had zero relief. I’ve also lost countless hours of sleep and been in agonizing pain due to the constant burning itching peeling oozing rash. For me it started as small as an irritated whitehead on my chin from there it grew to cover my entire chin. Now it’s grown to cover the entire bridge of my nose and down both sides of my face exactly where the mask sits. I wear glasses too so that spot gets no relief when waking or sleeping. I recently noticed I have a rash on my scalp where the headgear sits near the nape of my neck. This issue is so frustrating that I even tried eliminating other things that I thought might be triggering it including eggs, nasal spray, alcohol, and even toothpaste. Nothing works. Until today I didn’t even think about the SoClean being the cause. Now it is obvious to me that is likely because I started using the cpap about 12 years ago and never had an issue. I started using the SoClean about 8 months ago. At first I was forgetting to use it daily, then we moved and I’ve been using it every day and since then I’ve had the worst rashes ever. The timing and placement has been awful as well because all I ever do is itch my face all day and it’s COVID19 outbreak. I need a break from this condition or I’ll never get out of lockdown! I sincerely hope that you’re right. First thing tomorrow I’m hand washing all of my equipment and replacing the entire mask and headgear and unplugging my SoClean. I’ll let you know if my condition improves, but to be fair it’s so bad that it will probably take 2 weeks to clear vs the 2 days for you. Lol! I don’t care as long as it clears!
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RE: [split] Rash on face due to SoClean
Oh I forgot to mention that I’ve started using mask liners about 3 months ago also and I had zero improvement of the rash.
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RE: [split] Rash on face due to SoClean
I did not have rash issues; however, I received information that using SoClean would void my Resmed warranty. Qzone can have some pretty powerful negative effects. Thank you for the warning.
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