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spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
She might be starting CPAP in the coming weeks/months. She has already been looking at the full face masks (since she has a stuffy nose quite often) and reading up on equipment. She seems ready to get better sleep and as we have diacuused this and learned more about what to expect treating OSA, some questions came up:

1) what will the air feel like from the machine in her mask...like an unending gust of wind rushing at her or is it smoother continous pressure (we read about the exhaling being more difficult but easier with newer machines). Like refreshing or annoying?

2) with a full face mask...if we are watching a movie or reading or before bedtime and she is wearing her mask (supposedly its good to get an hour or two of use before bedtime while getting used to it), is it possible to talk or chat at all? Or will the incoming air make it hard for her to talk?
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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
Initially it will be uncomfortable, but after a week, she will wake up wondering if the machine is still on, as she can't feel anything.
Getting use to a mask on her face is another thing. Watching TV with it on for a few hours before bed, is a good idea, if needed.
Everyone is different, some adapt in a week. Others take a few months, before the cpap isn't doing something to annoy you. I was in the few months camp, leaks were my issue. After several masks, I found the f20 fitted my face better.
We have a wiki page here with lots of good stuff. new user link in my signature would be a start.
mask fit http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...ask_Primer
For auto-cpap, from machine data or software. You can set the min pressure 1 or 2cm below 95%. Or clinicians commonly use the maximum or 95% pressure for fixed pressure CPAP, this can also be used for min pressure.
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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
I just started on xPAP in September, so relatively new to it.

1. What the air feels like starting out is not going to be what it feels like after a week or a few weeks. You get used to it, and may even wonder if the machine is on. (just last night I had to pull the nasal pillows away from my face to verify that the air was on)

2. I would recommend initially wearing the mask during the day to get used to it, completely separate from bedtime. It's surprising how awkward all of the positioning and fitting is when putting it on the first couple of times.

Also, at bedtime, allow plenty of time to put it on and make adjustments, with maybe a little extra time to read and settle in.

3. Stuffy noses respond really well to nasal pillows. She should not omit them from consideration because they will very likely open her nose. I just got over being sick - this illness was causing people to miss work, which is pretty unusual, and taking at least a week to get over it; mine was just 2 days and the nasal pillows were fabulous!!
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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
Don't rule out a nasal pillow mask.

I found the full face actually made me more stuffed up. Not to mention it made my face puffy.
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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
To me the air feels like a slight continuous pressure. There is some continuous movement since the mask is vented. But I've been on CPAP fro 0ver 10 years so I'm accustomed to it.  The best machines have settings that permit a decreased pressure when you exhale.

Chatting with a full face mask is virtually impossible. It can be worn for as long as she likes before going to sleep. Reading or watching TV may be a problem if she wears glasses. I've never been able to position my glasses properly while wearing a full face mask. There are many places to start this journey. Since the DME may be the next I suggest you read this: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...with_a_DME
Download OSCAR

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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
Btw, if she does try a nasal pillow, the ResMed P10 is well-liked by many. There is a different section of the forums that include reviews. The P10 has a much more comfortable/gentle delivery than the Swift FX, at least in my experience.

As for wearing glasses, I've used the Fisher & Paykel Simplus which has a plastic frame that comes up the forehead. The plastic does not actually touch the skin though. You position the mask and lightly tighten the lower straps just until there are no leaks. There is a somewhat telescoping feature to the mask at the bridge of the nose which, at least for me, prevents any discomfort or pressure against the bridge. There is plenty of room to slip my glasses on between my face and the plastic frame (although there is a slight maneuver because the earpiece has to slide through first).

The Amara View is a popular mask. I'm not sure why no one mentions that it is contraindicated for people with glaucoma, and should be okayed by your doctor first. (I've personally spoken to the Philips Respironics respiratory therapist who has confirmed this)

Something else your wife will soon learn - everyone is different. What mask works for one person, may not work for another.
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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
As a baby-newbie (I'm still a newb), I trialed my equipment while awake. I did stuff like browse the internet and watch TV. I looked at every setting on the APAP, got acquainted with masks, etc. I do NOT recommend associating this with sleep time. 

When sleep time is upon me, and I'm about ready to conk out, I mask up. Not until then. I do my sleep and mask off right away.

The air coming in? To me, it just feels like I'm getting oxygen, especially at lower pressures.

While I'm sleeping, I mostly don't notice my equipment is on or the air being pushed into my mask. If I'm sleeping and NOT using equipment.....well, that would be extremely noticeable to me, and I will feel like hell afterwards.

Please make yourself familiar with machine choices and what can happen during the first DME visit. Ripoffs can very easily occur.
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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
I have chronic sinusitis and it doesn't cause any problems for me in terms of the nasal pillows.

"If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started I was desperately wishing to be where I am now."
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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
Appreciate the insight. Thanks so much.

She liked the more elegant pink design of f10/f20/quattro fx masks from Resmed. She has a small face and supposedly the 'for her' series is supposed to fit smaller faces. But fit will ultimately be a big factor it seems. She also really liked the Amara View's openness. She is afraid she will feel claustrophobic in a mask that has the forehead piece.

As a hubby who will be sleeping next to her, how strong or bothersome is the air gonna be that comes from the vent holes in the mask when she rolls over toward me? Venting direction seems to be mentioned a lot in reviews and i guess each mask is different, but I dont mind getting used to it if I know CPAP will help her health.
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RE: spouse goes for sleep study soon...what to expect after?
First of read and learn.

as noted by others read "New to Apnea? Helpful tips to ensure success"  http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php...re_success
The second item there is "New to CPAP – The Process"

NOW is the time to your expectations for which machine to get.  You can have a lot of say here.  I am assuming that your apnea is obstructive and not complex or central apnea.
You want an Auto CPAP, most here prefer a ResMed AirSense 10 AutoSet or the AutoSet for Her version.

Read Dealing with a DME, (included in the "New to Apnea" link above.

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