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starting to have a problem staying asleep
on my 25th day and last 2 nights been waking around 3am and having trouble falling back to sleep has this happened to anyone else,thanks for your input
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How long have you slept when you wake at 3 am? Do you usually have problems with falling asleep/staying asleep (pre-CPAP?)

For the first couple of months that I was using CPAP, my "sleepiness" and my "awakeness" seemed to get out of sync some days. I would wake up earlier than usual and not be able to go back to sleep even though I still felt very tired. For me, it was usually around 5:30 am, though, not 3 am, and I had slept for about 5.5 hours at that point.

If your sleep stages (sleep architecture) were severely out of whack when you started CPAP, you're probably experiencing some correction of that.

I'm mostly guessing here, though.

If you have SleepyHead data to look at, it would be good to take a look at what your pressure is doing when you wake up.
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yep, still working on it and getting better. In my case, at least I think, once I get rested I discover that something has been making me just a little uncomfortable and now it bothers me enough to keep me awake.

What I am working at now is after posting my data it was suggested that while the apneas are under control, they are just barely under control and I kind of bounce along almost going into apnea and then out, over and over. I am slowly working up by lower pressure and so far I have seen better results, but not done yet

Can you identify any different breathing patterns leading up to your waking up? I had to post some expanded data so that the breathing patterns could be clearly seen
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Actually tonight after a 2 week wait by my cable company to put in a new router I will have a password to get on my new laptop to finally get sleepyhead.i should have up on here by 4pm or so when I get home if my computer illiterate brain can figure it out,thanks guys
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I am about 2 months into it now and find I have been gradually sleeping less and less. I assume it will start going the other way after I get more used to feeling good. With about 5 hours sleep n ow I wake and feel so good I have to get up and do something until I need a nap. It is nice to have more time to get things done, but I do want to try to get around 7 to 8 hours sleep once it all settles down. (Practicing my Cello at 3:30 AM is a potential health risk, since my wife normally doesn't get up until 6:00 AM or so.).

I am not a Medical professional and I don't play one on the internet.
Started CPAP Therapy April 5, 2016
I'd Rather Be Sleeping
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Other thoughts to consider: Is your mask comfortable? When I started, I used a nasal mask, and found that I couldn't sleep in my "favorite" positions with it. Took a bit of getting used to it. After a couple of years, I switched to nasal pillows. The straps for them were far more comfortable.

According to your profile, you don't have a humidifier. I found one to be essential, especially since my pressure was pretty high (15 cm-H2O), and it was winter when I started. If a humidifier isn't in the plans, and you are feeling dry, try a bit of nasal saline spray when you go to bed and if you wake up.

Sleepyhead can tell you a lot, so it's good to use.

Good luck!
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I do have a humidifier but have not felt I needed it,first 2 weeks were great but last couple nights hard time falling asleep but I am thinking maybe it will take my body time to adjust and I have severe apnea for quite a while I expect so 4 or 5 hours of good quality sleep probably equals 8 or 9 hours of sleep before my apap
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I'm about 8 months in to it and find that occasional changes in how long it takes to get to sleep come and go for no clear reason. It took 4-5 months after starting CPAP to settle into my "new normal" sleep pattern - longer than I would have expected, but the brain is a strange thing. So, yeah, give it time and don't sweat the small stuff (changes over a few days duration).
I hear ya about shorter sleep times. I now feel good with about 6 hr sleep, give or take half and hour, and feel much much better than when I was getting ~7.5 hr "sleep" before CPAP. It's seems a luxury now when I occasionally get in 7.5+ hr sleep on the weekend, but I don't always feel better for it the next day. So I just thank the CPAP gods for ~6 hr of quality sleep that gets me through each day as normal human bean. Smile
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After a few hours of really deep sleep I think we start to transition into more shallow stages of sleep. Many have reported this waking during the "witching hour". For me, this has a been a problem and I'm slowly overcoming it. It just takes time.

Drugs such a trazodone have helped me, but benadryl is a milder alternative available over the counter. It's found in lots of over the counter sleep aids.

Another thing that helps me is reading with as little light as possible. The worse thing to do is look at a TV or other screen. When I use my electronic reader I set the background to black and turn the brightness all the way down. If I read a paper book I use a small LED reading lamp that clips onto the book.

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I usually go to sleep OK but I rarely stay asleep longer than two hours and usually less than that. That was a pattern before CPAP too, so I can't blame the therapy. One thing for me is excessive alcohol consumption. I got a couple of sessions over 3 hours last night with no sleep aids and little alcohol. My goal now is to get my sleeping normalized so that i feel more rested than five 1.5 hour sleeps gives.

My awakenings are sometimes tied to a series of events, I can see that snoring or an apnea happened a couple of minutes before I got up. At other times, there were not any events that preceded them. I seem to wake up a bit over an hour after going to bed very consistently.
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