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supplemental oxygen
I have been using a CPAP/BIPAP for over 2 years now, The first year and half was an challenge to say the least. My CPAP use has been 99% for the past year and the results have been fair to good, , but not perfect, and I was only 50% of where I was 7 years ago.

I have an average AHI of only 1.2 but I wake up tired and just do not have energy to do much and or go in cycles of tiredniess.

For the past 6 months, 80% of my events are Central and I have been trying for 2 months to get a prescription for a ASV machine that I thought might help with my centeral events.

I just had a sleep study ordered by a neurolgist and I was told the results were good and nothing needed to be changed.

I have had trouble getting enough oxygen at elevations above 8,000 feet for 20 years ...........even while sitting.

So I had an Idea; I bought a Oxygen Concentrator on craigs list and tried it out for the past 3 days at 1.5 L per min by drilling a hole in my CPAP tubing near where it connects to the CPAP machine.

I have had my best 3 days in over 6 years! Smile SmileSmile My energy level has been up, I have not taken a nap during the day and I feel like a new person.............. like my old selfBig Grin

So IMHO the oxygen "theropy" has been a success ......... so far.

Anyone else adding 02? to their xPAP?

Other thoughts? Cautions? Ideas?

Thanks for this great group!

I plan on buying a newer / quieter Oxygen Concentrator ($650) and plan on buying a ASV CPAP ......... Oh-jeez at $3,000 ....... but I am 60 now and know I can not take it with me; (the newer car I want will wait a couple of years.)
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Hi u2canbuild,
Good to see you back here on the board.
It's great to hear the results you have had by adding supplemental oxygen to the CPAP therapy. If I'm not mistaken, they make connectors so that you can add your oxygen to your CPAP machine without drilling a hole in your tubing.
Hang in there for more suggestions and best of luck as you continue your CPAP therapy and keep up the good work.
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I induce 2 LPM into my xPAP airflow by prescription.
I'm using the Respironics EverFlo concentrator with OPM.
They make oxygen tees that go in the 22 mm hose line -- mine is right at the humidifier output.
Don't go to high on O2 flow. Oxygen is pulled into the blood through the aveoli of the lung.
That can collapse a lung. You should get a recording pulse oximeter.
You do not live at 8,000 ft do you? That's above the max altitude spec'ed for xPAP.
[Image: IMG_1574.jpg]

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Thanks for the "tee" info. Your set up looks a lot cleaner that mine. and the welcome back Cool

I use a recording pulse O2 meter all night. without 02 my basal reading for an entire night is usually about 92%, with 02, my basal readings are 94%

In both cases, I seldom drop below 88%

I live right at 1,000 feet elevation.

Engineer........... Cool !........ Ok I have a good question!

So how do I keep my oxygen concentration supply constant........ The concentrator produces 02 a specific rate....... and this then mixes with the cpap which supplies a costant pressure .............. and the volume from the cpap will change depending on my leaks and breathing rate?

I am guessing that my 02 supply at my mask will be higher if I have no leaks, and less when I have leaks because of dilution Huh

Mabe I should buy a 02 meter to measure the concentration after the 02 line mixes with the CPAP outlet just after the outled by the humidifyer? Any purchase suggestions?

Thanks again!
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I don't think it would reduce the level any . my thinking is that it is pre mixed at the output of your machine so what you breathe is the same mix as what you leak through the mask so mix shouldn't change any. Not sure if that is right or not ??
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@u2canbuild -- you are right that in theory you have a constant flow generator connected to a constant pressure generator.
This is much like connecting a constant current source across a voltage source.

However, the induced O2 flow is small compared to the mask vent rate. The mask vent rate on the Mirrage Quattro is 41 LPM at 12 cm-H2O. 32 LPM at 8 cm-H2O. The mask vent rate, which flushes the mask exceeds most leaks.

We are adding 2 or 3 LPM. The ResMed machines are design to maintain pressure compliance with up to 5 LPM additional O2 flow.

Frankly, given your SPO2 readings, I don't think you need supplemental O2. I may not need it anymore as I was desating during REM; but 5 years of CPAP have improved my condition.

Admin Note:
JustMongo passed away in August 2017
Click HERE to read his Memorial Thread

~ Rest in Peace ~
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I also thought O2 wasn't given until levels reached 88% or lower for extended lengths of time ..

I would ask a doctor what he thought of your supplemental oxygen. Oxygen can be harmful also if used under the wrong conditions it can make things worse.
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Just going by info learned during my father in-law's last five years of life (COPD). Low 90s at night is fine, it's the amount of time spent below 88% that counts. While add O2 can help and make you feel better, your body becomes 'hooked', and suddenly you will *need* the O2.

I honestly do suggest speaking to a Doc about this, am of the 'opinion' that randomly doing this is not a good idea?
*I* am not a DOCTOR or any type of Health Care Professional.  My thoughts/suggestions/ideas are strictly only my opinions.

"Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you. Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your Soul, the other for your Freedom."
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Hi, u2canbuild,
My sleep doctor has prescribed supplemental oxygen (2 LMP) while I sleep at night because my oxygen levels fall below 88%. I live at an altitude of 6,000' but do not need oxygen during the day. When I travel to lower elevations I do not need to sleep with supplemental oxygen. At lower elevations my O2 levels remain above 88% while I'm sleeping.

Even though you feel better during the day, I would suggest you have a discussion with a pulmonary specialist or your sleep doctor about adding supplemental oxygen at night. Your percentages don't, really, show a need for added oxygen…. and you may be harming your lungs. There may be something else "going on". Just my opinion, but do be careful when "self-treating" with something as serious as oxygen.

After all, we do want you to stay around long enough to get that new car!
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We all breathe O2, its the only way we stay alive, but people don't realize that O2 in a can is a drug and should be treated as one. And O2 can be abused just like any other drug and when dong so can be very harmful to ones body later in their lives !

So be very carful in your usage of O2 with out a doctor's order!
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