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swift mask 'leak' noise--but not leaking...
Can't speak to the swift mask but here's what works for me.
My chin strap goes around my neck, then I put on the mask. I adjust the pillows to my nose and the mask straps just about as lose as they can get. Then, I pull the chin strap up from behind my head into place. This puts the chin strap over the pillow straps. The mask is now somewhat supported by the chin strap.
In addition, I purchased one of those special CPAP pillows. Now I can rest my head on the pillow and have the mask hang out into space.
In addition, I purchased a satin pillow case liner (about $10.00). This allows the mask straps and chin strap to "slide" around and not pull the mask as much.
Using the above, the tongue suck method ,and 8 months of practice, leaks are no longer one of my problems.
This works for me.
CPAP is a journey like “The Wizard of Oz”. It’s a long slow journey. You will face many problems and pick up many friends along the way. Just because you reach the poppies, it doesn’t mean you are in Kansas. 
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(10-21-2016, 06:16 AM)cate1898 Wrote: Dave did you try getting the 'For Her' strap or headgear? You can just buy that one part and attach it to the P10 as it is shorter and gives a tighter fit.

Sorry for not replying sooner, but your suggestion really did the trick! I've had no fit issues or leaks since fitting the smaller headgear to the P10! Very happy with this mask now! Thanks again!
D Dave
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Recently, using the Swift FX mask, In the early morning, I can hear a noise, which turns out to be a leak. I have determined that it is coming from the 'short tube assembly', where it connects to the nasal pillow itself. Slightly turning\swiveling the hose, at that connection point, makes it go away. But it may happen again, waking me again.
I note that if I hold the nasal pillow with one hand, and the hose connection with the other hand, and pull up and down on the hose connection, that there is a little play, most likely associated with allowing the hose to swivel.

I can think of a few possibilities to cause this, wondering if anyone else has the same problem. The face relaxes as you sleep, and thus the mask loosens, and needs to be tightened? The vent holes on my hose have been closed (further down there is a relief valve), is this putting more air pressure at that connection, causing the leakage if the head is not facing straight up (turning the head to a side)? Has the manufacturing process changed (has the manufacturer changed something about the hose), that is causing this? Does having a heated hose affect anything? Any other ideas.Huhsign
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Louwho, the Swift FX has the mask vent built into the connection elbow to the mask. It produces a strong and loud stream of air that I find very disruptive. It can be directed in a way that may be less disruptive as you found. I recommend you consider upgrading to the newer Resmed Airfit P10 which is much much quieter.
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The air vent, on the connection elbow (on my system), has been plugged with wax, and I have a vent further down (as per doctors orders). Looking at the AirFit P10, it does not having the swivel connection (where mine now occasionally leaks), as long as that connection area does not leak, the P10 would eliminate that problem for me. A little research (and the image), shows that the head gear straps are not adjustable? Also, when turning to the side, is it flexible enough, so that it will not kink, and or, wake you up?

I get my equipment in quarterly doses from a vender, through the insurance provider. I take it, that to purchase and try the p10, that I would need a prescription?
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If you have a prescription for any CPAP mask, it does not have to be specific for the P10. It is the successor to the Swift FX, which I used for many years. If you want to try something different, just tell your supplier to change it up on the next dispensing. The headgear is very minimal, and you either love it or hate it. The newer masks come with some adjustment clips that allow shortening the straps, otherwise, a tighter fit is achieved by moving the split strap closer together at the crown of your head, and a looser fit, by spreading them apart. I move around at night from side to side and on my back, rarely on my stomach, and have no problems, although it did slip last night. Overall I find it less disruptive than the jet of air, and the mask is lighter with a more flexible hose, so the swivel is not missed. I enjoy that I can snuggle with my wife and there is no jet of air on her either. It's as close as you can get to not having CPAP in bed.
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