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worried about new pressure
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RE: worried about new pressure
What was the time span between 8, 10 and now 15 ?

There are lots of reasons why pressure is being increased (weight gain probably being #1).
06-19-2014 11:00 AM
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RE: worried about new pressure
Only been since November and I have actually list 15 lbs since November.
06-19-2014 11:15 AM
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RE: worried about new pressure
(06-19-2014 06:58 AM)Bama Rambler Wrote:  Here's my take. Don't be scared of the pressure at all. My DW and I are both at 16cmH2O and have no problem with it.

At a pressure of 12 I still swallow air on some nights. If I raised it to 13 (my titration pressure) it'd be worse.

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06-21-2014 09:08 PM
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RE: worried about new pressure
(06-19-2014 11:15 AM)LeeC Wrote:  Only been since November and I have actually lost 15 lbs since November.

Hi LeeC,

For your own records, you have a right to receive a full copy of the original (diagnostic) sleep study and of both titration studies, including all data. Be assertive, and don't let them refuse and give you some "you wouldn't understand it anyway" excuse.

Also, I suggest you explain to your doctor that you have a premium APAP machine and ask your doctor to consider changing your prescription to 10 minimum, 15 maximum (or whatever), at least for a trial period, so you can see how well that works for you.

Also, in case you have not yet tried using Flex exhalation pressure relief, you may find that turning on A-Flex or adjusting it higher helps reduce leaks and makes the higher pressures more comfortable.

Also, with some insurance companies, if the patient complains that a prescribed pressure of 15 or higher is too uncomfortable or is causing problems, a new, bi-level titration and machine may be authorized, which would be likely to greatly reduce the problems.

Take care,
--- Vaughn

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06-22-2014 04:15 AM
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RE: worried about new pressure
(06-18-2014 08:29 PM)Sleepster Wrote:  The 560P is a auto CPAP. You can set it for a range of pressures, that way it starts at the low end of the range and raises it up only when needed.

I agree with Sleepster. In my experience, the sleep doc had the autoset function disabled and prescribed a set pressure number. With the help of this forum (no cooperation from the doc or the DME), I eventually got the autoset enabled, set up a pressure range and let the machine determine what pressure I needed. It turned out, my pressure need is completely different from the doc's prescription and I'm doing great.

This experience seems fairly common.
06-22-2014 08:49 AM
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RE: worried about new pressure
(06-18-2014 08:19 PM)LeeC Wrote:  Thanks everybody everybody!! My pressure was originally on 8 but the pulmonary doctor set it up to 10 and scheduled another sleep study. The medical supply got a prescription from that doctor to up the pressure to 15.

My machine is a 560p.
My AHI is around 15 still now on pressure of 10
What is the breakdown of events? You can't get this from the 560's LCD screen; you have to load the data into either SleepyHead or Encore. But it's important to know whether most of your apneas are OAs or CAs. Lots of OAs at a pressure of 10cm probably warrants more pressure; lots of CAs don't.

My hope is that the doc took the time to look at all the data, including a few sample days of detailed data, and noticed that there were still a lot of OAs being scored, but that there were few or no CAs being scored. Even so, jumping from 10 to 15 is a pretty big increase.

And if the AHI does NOT come down at 15cm, then it's critical to start looking at both the type of apneas being scored AND the detailed wave flow of the worst clusters before simply increasing the pressure by a big jump again.
06-22-2014 09:17 AM
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