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Hi. hoping anyone knows about different masks for different facial cranial features. I'm an Asian lass and my mask does its fluttering leaks if I settle it in the right place. I have a small-v.small size mask.
I have a button nose :-). My sleep is worse than using the mask Huh
Hi pardelotte
I'm not sure there is special mask for Asians but won't surprise me if there is one, since most stuffs are made in Asia
Nasal pillows might be a choice since they only rest on the nostrils and not concerned with the shape of the face (also works with beards, but that another thread). As for 'fluttering leaks', try a mask liner
Have you tried a nasal pillow mask?
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Might take a look at the new Respironics DreamWear mask. They come in different head gear sizes along with a different kind of 'nasal pillow' that also comes in different sizes. You should be fitted before buying one.
Hi pardelotte,
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Hang in there for more responses to your post and much success to you as you continue your CPAP therapy.
Echoing the others, pardelotte, I'd never use a full-face mask unless I was totally unable to use a nasal mask or a nasal pillow mask. Sometimes to make nasal masks work you also need to wear a chin strap, but that's way more desirable than one of those nasty full-face ones.

In my opinion. Grin

If you really need a full face mask, I would try the F&P Simplus mask. If you look at your facial profile and the bridge of your nose is recessed quite a bit from your forehead. If you draw an imaginary line from the depression between your chin and your lower lip to your cheekbones and extend it to your brow and the bridge of your nose is well below the line then you will need the Simplus or a different style of mask like the nasal pillows. The other option might be PRs Fitlife total face mask which covers the mouth and nose but does not seal on the nose.

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I agree, really try the nasal pillows as they are not dependent on facial shape only the nostrils. Personally, I like the ResMed Swift LT for Her - Nasal Pillows System; I tried each size of the nasal pillows and like the Medium best. My hubby likes the ResMed Swift FX and does use a chin strap as well.