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Well, it looks like my apnea is bad enough that I can no longer rough it on occasion.  This is my first post here.  Please forgive any sins I may be committing.  I got a ResMed AirCurve 10 ASV machine today.  We occasionally go camping and I need a solution that will not kill my wallet(unless it is the best option) or great ideas that will not fry my machine.  Lightly browsing batteries they seem to be specific to precise models and may or may not have accessory kits.  How do I select a battery?  What do I need to look for?  Are any brands a better option (or worse).  I tend to get overwhelmed with a lot of variables that may cause me to make 'the wrong' choice.  Thanks for listening to me rant/babble.

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Mark, can you use deep cycle lead acid chemistry, or do you require lightweight, small batteries. Resmed offers a battery solution but it costs a fortune. A better lightweight option is going to be Li-ion or AGM (heavier), and these options need to be used with the Resmed 12/24 DC converter for the Aircurve/Airsense series machines. Any option you choose needs to have at least 3.75 amps at 24 VDC. It's not that easy to find at a low price. The li-ion battery we were using Poweradd Pilot Pro 32000) but it has been discontinued. I am actively looking for a good alternative.
I would get the ResMed 12/24 DC converter , the battery depends on your definition of camping.  Backcountry camping or campground camping?  The question is how far will you need to haul your setup?
Hi bdladdy,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you as you continue your CPAP therapy and also with your new machine.
Welcome Mark,

Battery options abound, but a decent deep cycle AGM battery would be the go I think.. assuming you are car/4WD camping, if you motorcycle camp as I do, then a smaller battery and bits needs to be set up/made to suit your bike (as I've done, still refining my setup though)

Definitely go for the proper converter/inverter to suit your machine. 

I'm going to set up a bigger battery pack in my 4WD to power my CPAP and campsite lighting, and I'm going to get a small quiet generator to charge the batteries back up every few days if I'm camping longer than a couple of days.. I'm also going to look at solar panels as a possible way to keep the batteries topped up too.

The last thing you want when camped in the bush is a dead vehicle battery, so just make sure whatever setup you have you will still be able to start the vehicle.