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Since my titration study in late March, i've been using my machine diligently since the first of April.  I am sleeping better, less headaches, feeling better.  I haven't had any trouble adjusting at all.  I am taking my card in tomorrow to have them read it.  What should I expect?  Do they just check and make sure things are better, and adjust my settings if needed?    this isn't a followup with the doctor - just a check-in with the tech and my card.  My follow-up is next month.

I haven't been able to download sleepyhead - but I just got a new (to me) computer and will do that this weekend.  Our own computer was too old to use it, and I didn't really want that on my work computer.
Based on your description, you will be considered as benefiting from the therapy, and your doctor will probably recommend continuing your CPAP therapy as-is. I would not expect any changes. The information on the card is mainly to verify compliance. I seriously doubt he will second-guess the settings.
Ack!!!!! Get Sleepyhead NOW, and download your sleep data BEFORE you go to your appt!

I was so disappointed that I "lost" my SD card at my follow-up appt. Thankfully, I had all but one day on my Sleepyhead.
First, they will likely give you crap for not bringing your machine. If they do, just interrupt and tell them you know how to do the settings yourself and will change them if suggested. Then you go in and the tech asks how you've been doing and you say, "good improved" and he gives you your card back and sends you on your way. Now, my suggestion at this time is to ask the tech to give you a copy of your original sleep study (not the summary - the graphs) and your prescription - the first is for your records and the second is for online ordering of supplies.

Just a reminder to you (and anybody else) that you should always get copies of your medical records because they get lost, mishandled, or destroyed by accident. More importantly, if you decide to go to a different sleep doctor, you have that original study which is what they need. The hospital lost my brother's study already and it hasn't even been a year since he took it. Fortunately, I insisted on a copy within 2 weeks of his study. Such aggravation! In 3 years, he'll be eligible for another machine and Medicare will insist on...you guessed it.... a copy of his study within 10 years.