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I've been on apap for 20 days after a home study with AHI of 53. My 20 day average ahi has gone down to 15.8, but obstructives are only 1.9 and centrals are 13.5. Any thoughts on reasons why mostly centrals or possible treatments? Thanks!
Here's my first sleepyhead data capture from last night

I recommend turning the EPR off. I think that was suggested in another thread, but you still have it on.

Also, watch your leaks. Not too bad, but you may be mouth breathing.
these CA are likely xpap induced caused by the way CO2 is being flushed from your system. It typically disappears in a few weeks.

Did your original sleep study say anything about Central Apneas? If possible could you copy and post that study.
Good idea. I never saw my original study. All they told me was ahi was 53.  I will ask my drs office to send it.
I'll second turning E$PR Off. At least until we see what happens.
With CPAP (APAP) we fight OSA by increasing pressure, you have very few obstructive events. And you fight Central/Clear Airway events by decreasing pressure. It is often very much a balancing act.

Step1 turn EPR Off then observe and post results
Step2 decrease pressure slowly then observe and post results

BiLevel uses PS, Pressure Support, to fight Central events, EPR can be thought of as a mini (limited to 3cm) PS and EPR MAY end up helping you. The data will tell.