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I have been feeling quite tired lately and wanted to see my stats.... so just installed ResScan (Thank you to person who posted link!)
  • My AHI is 1.3... I am told anything under 5 is good. Am I correct?
  • What I am confused over and wonder if it is impacting is my Leak rate.... 95th percentile is 3.6 and Maximum is 78. Are those bad numbers?
Input would be appreciated!

Hi Mike. Welcome to the forum! Although ResScan software does give you some decent info. My understanding is that Sleepyhead Software is superior to it both for ease of use and more easily interpreted information. I would advise you to install Sleepyhead and post your results using IMGUR here in this thread. All of the info on how to do that and how to arrange your charts are in my signature below. You will need to have 4 posts after which you can post your IMGUR images. Your post count can be upped by just responding to some threads or replying 3 more times and saying "post #2" "post 3" "post #4".

An AHI of 1.3 is a good result, but we like to look at the data here usually before we make a final assessment. A maximum leak of 78 is fairly high. Again, seeing your actual data would be helpful to us.
Hi morencymike!  

I second what Marillion said.  ResScan was written by programmers that were advised what to report.  SleepyHead was written by CPAP users that happened to be programmers. I use both and find SleepyHead to be easier to analyze based off the way it displays the data.   Take a look at the documentation in my Useful Links below to see if would interest you.
Hi MorencyMike - Doctors like ResScan because it's guaranteed by ResMed to know everything about ResMed cpap machines. People here like SleepyHead because it runs on PCs, Macs, and Linux, and is generally easier to use and understand.
Your AHI of 1.3 is generally considered excellent, but how do you feel?
Your leakage 95 percentile of 3.6 litres per minute is excellent; the spike to 78 is probably a moment when you pulled the mask away to scratch your nose - nothing to worry about. The 95% means your leakage was 3.5 l/m or less, 95% of the time you were using your machine. That is allowing for the built-in venting of the mask, which runs 20 to 30 l/m depending on the pressure.
yes agree with pholynyk that leak is nothing to be concerned about - your next night will be better, and 95% of the time you are golden.

Hi morencymike,
WELCOME! to the forum.!
Good luck to you with CPAP therapy.